CMD Network

The Computational Materials Data Network (CMD Network) was launched in 2012 to support the materials data community in its pursuit of the goals of the U.S. Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and the promise of integrated computational materials engineering (ICME).  Drawing on ASM's knowledge and experience gathering, curating, and distributing materials data, CMD Network is playing an active role, alongside lead members of the MGI/ICME community, establishing data management standards and practices required to build and maintain an innovation infrastructure that can support advanced computational materials development and deployment.

In addition to leading several data demonstration projects – developing standards and protocols – CMD Network also provides materials data management services and support for industry, academia, and government agencies.  These efforts, some of which involve proprietary data, are intended to be part of a larger ecosystem – a Material Data Laboratory – that will serve as a test bed for understanding how data sets behave as they move through multiple repositories and processing steps.

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