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With a current roster of 80+ professional Chapters worldwide, ASM offers one of the most extensive networking opportunities available. Chapters serve as extensions of the Society to the local community by providing opportunities for professional networking, education, student outreach, professional development and more. 

Chapter events, held mainly between the months of September and June, are updated often so check back regularly for updates from our local chapter community.

Fast Radio Bursts and Serendipitous Discovery in Astronomy by Dr. Paul Demorest

March 29, 2017 | New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 801 Leroy Pl. Socorro NM, 87801 Fidel Center 3rd Floor Ballroom.

Socorro , NM , USA

Astronomers have recently been fascinated by a newly discovered phenomenon known as Fast Radio Bursts, or FRBs. FRBs are brief but powerful bursts of radio waves, lasting only a few milliseconds, but detectable with large radio telescopes. Although first identified about a decade ago, catching these bursts in the act is rare, and only about 20 have been seen to date. The signal properties suggested an origin far outside our own galaxy, but otherwise not much was known about where they come from or what might cause them. Late last year, my collaborators and I used the Very Large Array in New Mexico to observe an FRB; for the first time, this let us unambiguously determine exactly which galaxy the signal came from. This has answered some questions about FRB origins, but raised many others! In this presentation, I will review the scientific and technical developments that led to this result, and discuss future directions in our efforts to solve this astrophysical puzzle. A common theme throughout is unexpected or serendipitous discovery enabled by new technology, and the ongoing exploration of the time domain as the new frontier in astronomy. Dr. Paul Demorest is an associate scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory where his primary research focus is on observations of radio pulsars and the analysis and instrumentation required to conduct the observations. His development of specialized instrumentation has enabled the capability to observe pulsars with very high timing precision. With these methods of characterizing the interstellar medium and pulsar signals, a unique view of the structure of the ionized interstellar medium is revealed.

Chapter events

75th Anniversary Celebration

April 19, 2017 | TBD

San Diego , CA , United States

It is the 75th anniversary of the San Diego Chapter of ASM! Come celebrate with us.

Chapter events

April 2017 ASM Meeting

April 25, 2017 | Meson Madrid

Palisades Park , NJ , USA

Join us for ASM Int'l Metro NY-NJ Chapter featuring The April 25 Tech Meeting will be a bit different than our regular presentations. This family oriented night (bring a family member) will have 3 ASM members discussing the history of coins, coin collecting, the importance of metal composition and metal processing in the minting of coins. We will also discuss the value, usage and conservation of coins. Held at Meson Madrid at 6:15 pm Networking 7:00 pm Dinner 8:00 pm Presentation Members: $ 35.00 Guests: $ 40.00 Students: $ 10.00

Chapter events


2017 ASM Scholarship Golf Tournament

June 05, 2017 | Los Coyotes Country Club

Buena Park , CA , USA

More details to come, but we have confirmed the date and location for the 2017 Event! It will be held at the Los Coyotes Country Club (same place as 2016) on June 5, 2017. Please contact Bart Hall at for more information.

Chapter events