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Ceramic - Electronic Ceramics and Materials Online Course

Instructor: Carl Frahme | Online | Product code: 22212K

Price: $705.00 Member Price: $582.00

Course Overview
Electronic ceramics is the fastest growing field in ceramics today. This course will get you up to speed on topics such as theory and properties; processing and testing; dielectric ceramics; magnetic materials; semiconductors; and films, coatings and composites.

Course Outline:

Module I: Introduction

1. Scope of Electronic Ceramics
2. Theory and Properties
3. Processing and Testing

Module II: Dielectric Ceramics

4. Linear Type
5. Non-Linear Type

Module III: Magnetic Materials

6. Paramagnetics
7. Ferromagnetics
8. Ferrimagnetics
9. Antiferromagnetics

Module IV: Semiconductors

10. Semiconductors
11. Thermoelectrics
12: Photoconductors, Digital Optic Systems, LED, and Lasers

Module V: Composites

13. Films and Coatings
14. Fiber Composites

Module VI: Superconductors

15. Superconductors

Ceramics Course provided by The American Ceramic Society.

Continuing Education Units: 3.0

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