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Ceramic - Glaze Technology Online Course

Instructor: Carl Frahme | Online | Product code: 22182K

Price: $823.00 Member Price: $700.00

Course Overview

Designed to provide a solid understanding of glaze technology and an introduction to the artistic aspects of ceramic glazes.

Course Outline

Module I: Introduction

1. Introduction to Glazes
2. Properties of Glass
3. Properties of Glass-Crystalline Mixtures

Module II: Glaze Formulation

4. Glaze Classifications
5. Typical Glaze Formulae
6. Glaze Calculations
7. Choosing Glaze Components

Module III: Glaze Manufacturing

8. Glaze Batching
9. Glaze Milling and Slip Control
10. Glaze Application
11. Drying the Glaze Layer
12. Firing of Glazes

Module IV: Properties of Glazes and Their Control

13. Measurement of Glaze Properties
14. Modifying Glaze Properties
15. Glaze Surface Appearance and Texture
16. Opacification
17. Coloring Glazes
18. Achieving Artistic Effects

Module III: Other Important Considerations

19. Glaze Defects, Problem Areas, and Environmental and Health Hazards
20. Glaze Costs and Cost Control

Ceramics Course provided by The American Ceramic Society

Continuing Education Units: 3.0

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