Award Recipients

The ASM International Board of Trustees has named award program recipients for 2016. The awards program recognizes achievements of members of the materials science and engineering community. Awards will be presented at ASM's annual Awards Dinner, Tuesday October 25th in Salt Lake City, UT, during Materials Science & Technology 2016 (MS&T '16). Tickets for the Awards Dinner are $90.00 each and can be ordered by using the MS&T registration form. Those interested in purchasing a table may contact Christine Hoover, Administrator, Awards Program, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio 44073-0002; 440.338.5151 x 5509; fax: 440.338.6614; email:


Honorary Membership

Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr., FASM, Executive Officer, National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC

"For outstanding contributions to the science and technology of materials and their application to innovative research and development on defense systems."

Honorary Membership in the Society was established in 1919.  It recognizes distinguished service to the materials science and engineering profession, service in areas of ASM strategic plan/initiatives and to the progress of mankind.

Distinguished Life Membership

Mr.  William R. Jones, FASM, Owner/CEO, Solar Atmospheres, Inc., Souderton, PA

"For innovations in the field of vacuum furnace technology and applying this technology to enhance metallurgical thermal processes around the world."



Mr. Albert Kay, FASM, President, ASB Industries, Barberton, OH

"In recognition of outstanding innovation and early commercialization of emerging thermal spray technologies including high-velocity oxyfuel and cold spray; exemplary development of a business model that gained worldwide recognition; and for dedication and unselfishness, unstinting personal effort and leadership on behalf of the Thermal Spray Society and ASM International."

Distinguished Life Membership was established in 1954 and is conferred on those leaders who have devoted their time, knowledge, and abilities to the advancement of the materials industries.

Gold Medal

Prof. Diran Apelian, FASM, Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

"For his leadership and vision for establishing and executing a model for industry-university collaborative research, and for his pioneering work in metal processing."

The medal was established in 1943 to recognize outstanding knowledge and great versatility in the application of science to the field of materials science and engineering, as well as exceptional ability in the diagnosis and solution of diversified materials problems.

Medal for the Advancement of Research

Dr. Bhakta B. Rath, FASM, Associate Director of Research; Head Materials Science & Technology Directorate; Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC

"For leadership in promoting basic research and advanced exploratory developments in multi-disciplinary fields of materials science and engineering and promoting technological innovation for commercial sector and for national security."

The Medal for the Advancement of Research was established in 1943 to honor an executive in an organization, one of whose important activities is the production, fabrication, or use of metals and other materials. The recipient, over a period of years, will have consistently sponsored research or development, and by foresight and actions, will have helped substantially to advance the arts and sciences relating to materials science and engineering.

Engineering Materials Achievement Award (EMAA)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dr. Craig A. Blue, FASM, Mr. Charles Carnal, Mr. Chad Duty, Mr. Vlastimil Junc, Mr. Alan Liby, Mr. Randy Lind, Mr. Peter Lloyd, Mr. Lonnie Love, Ms. Jennifer Palmer, Mr. Brian Post, Mr. John Rowe, Mr. Rick Neff, Mr. Jay Rogers.


"For development of a big area additive manufacturing (BAAM) technology and the materials that enable the technologies that can produce components ten times larger, one hundred times less expensive, and one hundred times faster than previous systems."

Established In 1969, this award recognizes an outstanding achievement in materials or materials systems relating to the application of knowledge of materials to an engineering structure or to the design and manufacture of a product.

Albert Sauveur Achievement Award

Prof. Raj N. Singh, FASM Professor, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa

"For pioneering and original scientific and technological contributions to science and technology of materials through innovative processing and in situ studies leading to commercialization for aircraft turbines and energy storage."

Established in 1934 in honor of a distinguished teacher, metallographer, and metallurgist, recognizes pioneering materials science and engineering achievements that have stimulated organized work along similar lines to such an extent that a marked basic advance has been made in the knowledge of materials science and engineering.

William Hunt Eisenman Award

Dr. Paul S. Gilman, FASM, Director of Technology, Deposition Materials, Praxair, Inc., Orangeburg, NY

"For outstanding technical leadership in industrial research and development of advanced copper metallization, sputtering targets, and mechanical alloyed products for, semiconductor, electronics, and aerospace industries."

The award was established in 1960, in memory of a founding member of ASM, and its first and only secretary for 40 years. It recognizes unusual achievements in industry in the practical application of materials science and engineering through production or engineering use.

J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award

Dr. Ursula R. Kattner, FASM, Physical Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

"For contributions to the thermodynamic assessment of metallic alloys and application to metallurgical processing."

The award was established in 2007 to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Phase Equilibria. The award honors J. Willard Gibbs, one of America's greatest theoretical scientists. In addition to many other contributions, Gibbs laid the thermodynamic foundations of phase equilibria theory with his brilliant essay "On the Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Substances" published in 1876 and 1878 in the Transactions of the Connecticut Academy.

Allan Ray Putnam Service Award

Mr. Robert J. Gaster, Senior Staff Engineer, Deere & Company Technology Innovation Center, John Deere, Moline, IL

"For continuous and enthusiastic promotion of ASM membership and volunteerism at the local chapter and national society level, as well as his longstanding volunteerism for the Heat Treat Society."

Established in 1988, the award recognizes the exemplary efforts of various outstanding members of ASM International on behalf of the Society to further its objectives and goals. The purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals whose contributions have been especially noteworthy and to whom the Society owes a particularly great debt of appreciation.

Albert Easton White Distinguished Teacher Award

Prof. David K. Matlock, FASM, Armco Foundation Fogarty Professor, Colorado School of Mines

"For his accomplishments in materials education that have positively impacted generations of students and the research and industrial community over several decades."

The award was established in 1960 in memory of an outstanding teacher and research engineer, who was a founding member and president of ASM in 1921. It recognizes unusually long and devoted service in teaching, as well as significant accomplishments in materials science and engineering, and an unusual ability to inspire and impart enthusiasm to students.

Silver Medal Award

Dr. Mark A. Tschopp, Materials Engineer, US Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

"For distinguished and sustained contributions in computational materials science, solid mechanics, processing-structure-property relationships, and materials design for integrated computational materials engineering (ICME); and for service to ASM International."

Established in 2010, the honor of Silver Medal of the Society is to provide recognition to members who are in mid-career positions (typically 5 to 15 years of experience), for distinguished contributions in the field of materials science and engineering, and the society. The purpose of this award is to recognize leadership at an early stage and encourage individuals to grow, nurture, and further contribute to the growth of the profession, as well as the society. 

Bronze Medal Award

Ms. Margaret T. Flury, Senior Materials Engineer, Medtronic, PLC, Fridley, MN

"For contributions to advancements in medical devices, commitment to the failure analysis community, contributions to students and selfless participation in ASM."

Established in 2014, the honor of Bronze Medal of the Society recognizes ASM members who are in early-career positions, typically, 0 to 10 years of experience, for their significant contributions in the field of materials science & engineering through technical content and service to ASM and the materials science profession.

Bradley Stoughton Award for Young Teachers

Prof. Jennifer L.W. Carter, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

"For dedicated and effective instruction and mentoring of students at various stages of their educational experience in addition to impacting undergraduate engineering education."

This award accompanied by $3000, was established in 1952 in memory of an outstanding teacher in metallurgy and dean of engineering who was president of ASM in 1942. The award recognizes young teachers of materials science, materials engineering, and design and processing, by rewarding them for their ability to impart knowledge and enthusiasm to students. The recipient must be 35 years of age or younger by May 15th of the year in which the award is being made.

Henry Marion Howe Medal

Sung Bo Lee, Dong-Ik Kim, Yanghoo Kim, Seung Jo Yoo, Ji Young Byun, Heung Nam Han, and Dong Nyung Lee for their paper entitled "Effects of Film Stress and Geometry on Texture Evolution Before and After the Martensitic Transformation in a Nanocrystalline Co Thin Film" MetTrans Vol. 46A, 2015.

The Henry Marion Howe Award was established in 1923 and is awarded in memory of a distinguished teacher, metallurgist, and consultant, to honor the author (or authors) whose paper has been selected as the best of those published in a specific volume of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions.

Marcus A. Grossmann Young Author Award

Ming-Wei Wu for his paper entitled "The Influences of Carbon and Molybdenum on the Progress of Liquid Phase Sintering and the Microstructure of Boron-Containing Powder Metallurgy Steel" MetTrans Vol. 46A, 2015.

The Marcus A. Grossmann Young Author Award was established in 1960 in recognition of Dr. Grossmann's accomplishments and especially in recognition of his abiding interest in and encouragement of younger metallurgists and materials engineers whose paper has been selected as the best of those published in a specific volume of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. The author must be under 40 years of age on January 1 of the year in which the paper was published.

ASM Historical Landmark Designation

Alcoa Inc., Tennessee Operations North Plant, Alcoa, TN has been selected as a 2016 Historical Landmark Awards, the citation reads, "For being the primary supplier of aluminum heat treated sheet and structural members for aircraft during World War II, and for playing a significant role in the sustainability and recycling of aluminum can sheet."


Quincy Smelting Works (QSW), Ripley, Franklin Township, MI has also been selected as a 2016 Historical Landmark Award, the citation reads, "The Quincy Smelting Works is uniquely capable of interpreting the final stage of copper production for one of the few native copper ore mining regions on earth."

In 1969, the ASM Historical Landmarks Designation was established to identify permanently the many sites and events that have played a prominent part in the discovery, development, and growth of metals and metalworking. In 1987, the scope of this award broadened to include all engineered materials.

ASM Student Paper Contest

Ms. Janet L. Gbur, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH for her paper entitled "Fatigue and Fracture of Wires and Cables for Biomedical Applications."

The ASM International Student Paper Contest was established in 1985, as a mechanism for student participation in Society affairs.  The award recognizes the best technical paper with a graduate or undergraduate student as first author that is published in an ASM sponsored publication during the year. 

Emerging Professional Achievement Award

Dr. Amit Pandey with Rolls Royce LG Fuel Cell System, is the 2016 recipient of the Emerging Professional Achievement Award.  Established in 2010, recognizes and honors extraordinary ASM volunteers who are less senior individuals, i.e., 0-5 years of experience post-graduation, who have made a significant impact on ASM International through devoted service and dedication to the future of the Society.