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ASM membership provides reliable technical information, accredited education and transforming relationships for your life and career.

Wherever you are in your materials career, being a member of the world's largest association of materials-centric professionals offers benefits and resources to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.



An ASM membership is an easy, affordable way to:

  • Build a network of industry peers
  • Get practical, technical answers from trusted resources
  • Access continuing education programs that keep you competitive
  • Grab opportunities to volunteer and give back
  • Achieve the professional visibility and peer recognition you need to take the next step up in your career
  • Receive substantial savings on the services you need to do your job better



For a small additional fee, ASM members have exclusive access to five Affiliate Societies.

Each society provides educational, event, and service opportunities focused on a particular material and process: heat treating, metallography, thermal spray, shape memory technology, and electronic device failure analysis.


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