ASM Local Chapters

With a current roster of 80+ professional Chapters worldwide, ASM offers one of the most extensive networking opportunities available. These Chapters serve as extensions of the Society to the local community by providing opportunities for professional networking, education, student outreach, and professional development. Through face-to-face, phone and web meetings, ASM Chapters provide members with opportunities to advance professional interests, grow their professional network and create lasting friendships. Chapters also offer unique opportunities for personal growth; those members volunteering in leadership positions attain leadership and team building skills in an environment that is both fun and supportive. 

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Chapter Sustaining Membership

Your Chapter Sustaining Membership can strengthen your existing business relationships, add value for your employees, increase your professional network, and develop local connections.  Take an active part in developing today's industries to help create global growth and direction.

For more information on packages in your area, and to become a Chapter Sustaining Member company, contact:

ASM Member Service Center
800.336.5152 ext. 5713
Fax: 440.338.4634
Email: ASM Member Service Center

Chapter Deadlines and Events

January 2016

1099 Information Due

February 1, 2016

Nominations for most ASM Awards Due

February 15, 2016

Year End Financial Reports Due

March 15, 2016

Nominations for ASM Board of Trustees and Vice President Due

June, 2016

Leadership Days Virtual Training

June 15, 2016

Annual Chapter Health Assessment Due

June 15, 2016

Chapter Awards Submissions Due

August 11-14, 2016

Leadership Days 2016, Cleveland, OH, USA