Victoria Davenport - 2012

Victoria Davenport
Senior Supplier Quality Engineer at Mentor Corp.
(a Johnson & Johnson company)
2001 Materials Camp Graduate

In 2012:

Early one Thursday morning on a conference call at work, I listen intently to engineers with their thick French accents from Mauritius, Dutch accents from the Netherlands, and southern accents from Texas, as they explain to me why they think we are seeing low production yields of our medical devices.  "It appears that our issues are due to some abnormal rheological characteristics of the silicone that we are using" one colleague says.  I reflect back upon my time at the Materials Camp at the University of Washington in 2001 and think about all of the helpful information that I learned about material properties.   I also think "wow, I would have never thought back then that I'd be where I am now – a Senior Supplier Quality Engineer for Johnson & Johnson medical devices…how awesome is that!"

I originally thought that at the end of the Materials Camp I would be a subject matter expert at materials but it turns out that something unexpected ended up being the most valuable.  What I gained was the ability to problem solve with a diverse group of people from all across the globe – which was exactly what we did back in 2001 and what I'm doing every day now.  Eleven years after the camp, I have graduated with honors from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, completed a leadership development program with the most comprehensive health care company in the world, Johnson & Johnson, and have successfully lead teams to solve problems which ultimately provide the doctors and patients we serve with a better quality of life.  If I can help one patient gain their life and health back, I consider that success!