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Science Fair Opportunities
Science Fair Ideas
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Attention Students: Science Fair Opportunities

Are you starting to plan projects for an upcoming science fair? The ASM Canton-Massillon Chapter gives up to two monetary awards for material science related projects chosen at the Mount Union Science Fair. Science fair projects can invent new materials, improve existing materials, test the properties of materials, or compare the suitability of different materials for a specific purpose. More science fair information can be found here.

Can't think of a materials project? Try to think about ways that you can study about different material properties or ways that materials are used around us. Below is a list of potential areas of interest.

Looking for a mentor in the engineering field to discuss your project idea?  Email with your science fair project idea and ask if you could be matched with a mentor.

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Sample Materials-Related Science Fair Topics Can Include:


  • Evaluate strength, toughness, or fatigue of various metals

  • Compressive versus tensile strength of materials

  • Work hardening to make metals stronger

  • Study corrosion of metals

    • What affects corrosion?  This could be done by comparing salt water, distilled water and tap water, or comparing these at different temperatures

    • Which metal is most resistant to corrosion?

    • Why are some metals better suited for electronics than others (i.e. conductivity)?


  • Study thermal shock or conductivity

  • Sintering effects on strength


  • Recycling, degredation by remelting, etc.  How does the polymer type affect biodegradability of the plastic?

Material Selection

  • Study variation of packaging on products (ex cans vs plastic or glass for carbonated drinks, how does colored glass affect taste, etc)

  • How does packaging affect how long fruit stays fresh or ripens?

  • Compare and evaluate different building materials that could be used for an application

  • Study variability in materials relating to which is better for optics, electronics, etc.


  • Phase changes

  • Temperature changes (sublimation, evaporization, condensation, etc)

  • Evaluate toughness of various materials (compare wood, composites, metal)

  • Compare different adhesives for strength

  • Does varying the composition for concrete vary its impactability? toughness?

  • Coatings

  • Material density

  • Hardness variations

  • What type of water filter removes the most impurities?

  • How does the shape of a material affect its strength? For example, which is stronger... a wooden dowel, I-beam, U-beam, etc. of a certain length and weight?

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Helpful Science Fair Links:  


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Materials Camp Opportunities

Interested in attending a Materials Camp for High School Students?  Various camps are available for high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of school. Materials camps utilize hands-on learning principles of applied math and science; a truly unique, team-based problem solving experience that explores materials science and engineering principles. More info here.

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Student Design Competition

Coming soon-the first annual High School Student Dome Design competition! Details to follow soon.

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