Staff Directory   

ASM Foundation  
Campana, Nichol Director of Development & Operations Ext. 5506
Deatherage, Jeane Administrator, Foundation Programs Ext. 5533
Jerson, Mary Anne Administrative Assistant Ext. 5539
Shirk, Virginia Foundation Executive Assistant Ext. 5538
Business Development  
Theobald, Stanley Senior Director, Business Development Ext. 5502
Chapter/Member Relations & Affiliate Societies  
Fleming, Drew Student & Emerging Professional Specialist Ext. 5652
Hale, Nicole Chapter Relations Specialist Ext. 5651
Miller, Joanne Affiliates Administrator Ext. 5513
Pastoric, Sarina Senior Manager, Affiliate Societies Ext. 5541
Pittman, Rachel Senior Manager, Membership & Volunteerism  Ext. 5227
Content Development & Publishing  
Berardinis, Larry Technology Projects Manager, CMD Networks Ext. 5562
Britton, Ann Associate Product Mgr., Journals & eMedia Ext. 5672
Burt, Vicki Content Developer, Online Reference Information Ext. 5639
Fleming, Mary Anne Sr. Content Developer, Journals and APD Publications Ext. 5612
Henry, Scott Director, Content & Knowledge-Based Solutions Ext. 5706
Kalista, Julie Editor, Magazines, eNewsletter & Content Ext. 5350
Lampman, Steve Content Developer, ASM Handbooks Ext. 5560
Lupulescu, Afina Sr. Content Developer, Materials Data for Analysis Ext. 5627
Marken, Karen Sr. Managing Editor, Reference Content Ext. 5545
Nolan, Amy Content Developer, Reference Content Ext. 5466
Richards, Frances Sr. Editor, Magazines, eNewsletters & Content Ext. 5563
Sellers, Sue Content Development and Business Coordinator Ext. 5465
Vermillion, Linda Product Manager, Content Ext. 5561
Anderson, Jay Instructional Design Manager Ext. 5654
Berezne, Sharon Certificate Programs and Curriculum Manager Ext. 5657
Boulware, Marie Course Coordinator Ext. 5616
Cerne, John Senior Manager, Education Ext. 5637
DeBacker, Frank Learning Technologies Specialist Ext. 5451
Peppler, John Lab Manager Ext. 5575
Harden, Jeanelle Event Programming Manager Ext. 5692
Moore, Jaime Event Planner Ext. 5581
Morgan, DeAna Event Planner Ext. 5647
Murray, Kathleen Event Programming Manager Ext. 5231
Executive Office  
Hoover, Christine Awards Administrator Ext. 5509
Mosier, Terry F. Interim Managing Director Ext. 5255
Taylor, Leslie Executive Office Manager Ext. 5500
Finance & Member Service Center  
Abruzzino, Elizabeth Member Service Center Associate Ext. 5537
Asher, Christine Member Service Center Associate Ext. 5713
Becker, Veronica Controller Ext. 5603
Carpenter, Carol Member Service Center Associate Ext. 5632
Miner, King Accountant Ext. 5234
Mosier, Terry F. Interim Managing Director Ext. 5255
Shapowal, Lana Business Systems Analyst Ext. 5655
Thompson, Margaret Account Payable Specialist Ext. 5559
Human Resources  
Farmer, Janice Senior Manager, Human Resources Ext. 5571
Information Technology  
Fornadel, Matt Business Intelligence/Desktop Support Ext. 5544
Morman, Robert Manager, Enterprise Systems Ext. 5478
Peters, David Network Systems Analyst Ext. 5543
Shapowal, Lana Interim IT Manager Ext. 5655
Wichert, Carl Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst Ext. 5477
Conti, Patty eProduction Coordinator Ext. 5710
Fornadel, Kate Senior eProduction Coordinator Ext. 5242
Tramble, Madrid Manager, eDocument Production Ext. 5241
Whitelaw, Diane eProduction Coordinator Ext. 5240
Sales & Marketing  
Belenky, Christina Marketing Manager Ext. 5614
Flowers, Scott Medical Materials Database Sales Manager Ext. 5230
Halderman, Liz Lifelong Learning Sales Rep Ext. 5707
Hill, Dorothea Marketing Web Associate Ext. 5860
Jackson, Elle Marketing Associate Ext. 5525
Klingerman, Erik Regional Sales Manager Ext. 5574
Pallotta, Jim Creative Marketing Strategist Ext. 5645
Sandoval, Christina Exhibition Planner Ext. 5625
Sirochman, Denise Materials Solution Sales Manager Ext. 5663
Stark, Sharon Materials Solutions Customer Relations Specialist Ext. 5464
Thomas, Kelly Global Manager, Sales & Exposition Ext. 5800
Wolfe, Skip Director, Sales and Marketing Ext. 5226


For general inquiries, please call 440.338.5151.