Chapter Member Recognition


Eastern NY ASM Chapter Geisler Memorial Award

The Alfred H. Geisler Memorial Award recognizes an outstanding young materials engineer from the Eastern NY ASM Chapter.  Recipients have made significant contributions in education, research, and/or manufacturing, before the age of 40.  

If you know someone who you think should be considered for this award, please email us at with your recommendation and a brief summary of his/her contributions.

Past Geisler Award Recipients
2008 Liang Jiang
2006 Daniel Gall
2005 Steve Attanasio
2004 George Young
2003 James A. Ruud
2002 David S. Morton
2001 Ji-Cheng Zhao
2000 Linda Schadler
1999 William T. Carter
1998 Scott Simonson
1997 John Sutliff
1996 Chip Blankenship
1995 Kathryn Danneman
1994 Wojtek Misiolek
1993 Gerhard E. Fuchs
1992 David B. Knorr
1991 Bernard P. Bewlay
1990 Joseph Kapp
1989 Shyh-Chin Huang
1988 Keh-Min Chang
1987 Alan I. Taub
1986 Kenneth Cadien
1985 Rodger H. Bricknell
1984 Ernest L. Hall
1983 Stephen Shatynski
1982 Thomas M. Devine, Jr
1981 Randall M. German
1980 Clyde L. Briant
1979 Debajgoti Chatterji
1978 Frank F. Milillo
1977 John H. Wood
1976 Michael F. Henry
1975 Joseph J. Pepe
1974 Gary Judd
1973 Craig S. Tedmon Jr
1972 David A. Woodford
1971 Rodney Hanneman
1970 Mark G. Benz
1969 Norman S. Stoloff
1968 Allan D. Foster
1967 Dale. F. Stein
1966 Harvey W. Schadler
1965 Alfred J. Brothers
1964 George S. Ansell
1963 Thomas E.Davidson
1962 Norbert D. Greene, Jr
1961 Stanley J. Noesen
1960 Sumio Yukawa
1959 Jack H. Westbrook
1958 Garland W. Reese
1957 John J. Gilman
1956 Gilbert A Hanke, Jr