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    Heat Treating

    Published: August 01, 2001
    Authors: J.R. Davis, Editor

    Heat treating processes that are applied to copper and copper alloys include: Homogenizing; Annealing; Stress relieving; Solution treating; Precipitation (age) hardening; Quench hardening and tempering.

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    Heat Treating

    Published: March 01, 2002
    Authors: Matthew J. Donachie and Stephen J. Donachie

    Why Heat Treat? All superalloys, whether precipitation hardened or not, generally require the application of heat for some period of time for purposes of preparing solid material for a subsequent processing step (ingot cogging, component forging, etc.).

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    Heat Treating Datasheet 6205

    Published: 1996

    Heat Treating Data Sheet for 6205, a 6xxx series, wrought aluminum-magnesium silicon, including information regarding Chemical composition, Heat treating.

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