September 2016 Technical Presentation

  • September 20, 2016
  • Lucky Labrador Taproom
  • Portland , Oregon , United State of America


Hello all,
 We kick off September and the 2016-17 programming year with an overview of Micro-fabrication of Bio-Microfluidic devices and their application from Thomas Storey, an Alumni of the University of Portland, and recent Master's graduate from the University of Notre Dame.  Thomas has recently moved to Oregon and is looking for an engaging and challenging career in Engineering.
Presentation Abstract:
Micro-fabrication has allowed multi-modal (Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical) exploration at the micron length scale, opening up a world of investigation into cellular and multi-cellular systems.  Precise control of these devices, both in fabrication and operation, has allowed for experimentation on "living" systems.  These devices, sometimes the size of a postage stamp, are capable of keeping multi-cellular systems alive, while precisely controlling their micro-environment, allowing for the study of various factors (mechanical stress state, chemical composition, etc.) and their effect on the system (proliferation, patterning, gene or chemical expression, etc.) to be observed with cellular resolution.

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