ASM Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Meet the committed men and women who represent the best interests of the membership and lead our society.

The ASM Board of Trustees is comprised of four officers (president, vice president, immediate past president and treasurer) and nine trustees. Three new trustees are elected by the membership every year, and each trustee serves a three-year term.

  • The president is the chair of the Board of Trustees. At the ASM Annual Meeting, the president officially begins a one-year term, and moves forward to accomplish his or her goals by creating a teamwork approach with the Board of Trustees and the managing director.

  • The vice president, who must have previously served as a past trustee of the society, is elected by the membership and spends one year working with the president to gain an understanding of current issues of importance to the membership of the society. At the next ASM Annual Meeting, the vice president automatically becomes president for a one-year term.

  • The immediate past president remains on the board for one year and offers invaluable counsel to the board and officers.

  • The treasurer is elected by the membership to a one-year term, and serves as a voting member of the ASM Board.

  • The secretary is not a voting member of the ASM Board, but plays an important role in Board affairs. As secretary, the ASM managing director assures that the ASM Board operates according to the ASM Board Manuals, the ASM Constitution and the ASM Rules of Government.

ASM trustees come from varied technical and professional backgrounds, but they do not represent individual constituencies within ASM. Each trustee is responsible for making decisions that are in the best interests of all members of ASM.

ASM Officers and Trustees- 2017-2018

President and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Frederick E. Schmidt, P.E., FASM

Director of Technology
Advanced Applied Services
Saint Charles, IL
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Vice President

Dr. David U. Furrer, FASM

Senior Fellow Discipline Lead
Pratt & Whitney
East Hartford, CT
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Immediate Past President

Dr. William E. Frazier, FASM

Chief Scientist
Naval Air Systems Command
Patuxent River, MD
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Craig D. Clauser, P.E., FASM

West Chester, PA

William T. Mahoney

Chief Executive Officer
ASM International
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ASM Trustees 2017-2020  

Mr. Prem K. Aurora

Aurora Engineering Co.
Maharashtra, India

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Dr. Thomas M. Moore, FASM

Wavix Inc.
Dallas, TX

Dr. Judith A. Todd, FASM

P.B. Breneman Chair and Prof. of Engineering,
The Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA

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Trustees 2016-2019

Mr. Larry D. Hanke, FASM

CEO/Principal Engineer
Materials Evaluation and Engineering
Plymouth, MN

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Mr. Roger A. Jones

Corporate President
Solar Atmospheres, Inc.
Souderton, PA

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Dr. John D. Wolodko

AITF Strategic Chair, Bio and Industrial Materials and Associate Professor
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, CANADA

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Trustees 2015-2018    

Dr. Ellen K. Cerreta, FASM

Deputy Group Leader
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM
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Dr. Ryan M. Deacon

Staff Scientist
United Technologies Research Center
Hartford, CT
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Prof. Sudipta Seal, FASM

Trustee Chair, Pegasus Prof. and Univ. Dist. Prof.
Nanoscience Technology Center
University of Central Florida, Orlando
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Student Board Members 2017-2018

Student Board Member
Mari-Therese Burton
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Student Board Member
Olga Eliseeva
Texas A&M
College Station, TX 

Student Board Member
Jonathan Healy
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH