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ASM and Kent State University Art Show

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ASM and Kent State University Art Show

About the Show

This is the second year that ASM International has sponsored an art show featuring undergraduate and graduate students from Kent State University.The show offers ASM an opportunity to support KSU students by showing their work at their world headquarters and awarding students an $100 honorarium for each work accepted. The program also benefits ASM International in providing exemplary artwork to compliment their recently renovated interior. ASM was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. This year, Kent State graduate student Kathryn Shinko was selected to coordinate and curate the show.

About the Curator

Kathryn Shinko earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Akron in 2011. Currently, she is studying for her Master of Fine Arts degree in Textiles at Kent State University. She is also a Graduate Assistant to Anderson Turner, the Director of Galleries at Kent State University. This is the fifth show that Kathryn has coordinated and curated for the KSU School of Art Galleries during her time as a graduate student.

About the Artists

The 2014 2nd Annual ASM and Kent State University Art Show was open to both undergraduate and graduate art students at the KSU School of Art. This year, 37 students submitted a total of 158 artworks for consideration. Out of these 37 students, 17 were chosen to be part of the show; 9 graduate students, and 8 undergraduate students, totaling 20 works of art. These exceptional student artists will display their work at ASM International Headquarters until the close of the show on January 20, 2015.

Selected Artists

ASM International and this year's Graduate Curator, Kathryn Shinko, would like to congratulate the following students for their acceptance into the 2014 2nd Annual ASM and Kent State University Art Show:

Best of Show
Michael Sanata, Ebb & Flow (Graduate: Sculpture)

Jacob Coleman, Rhino and The Island (Undergraduate: Painting)
Trey D. Gehring, Don't Be Cruel (Undergraduate: Textiles)
Hunter L.V. Elliott, Lace (Undergraduate: Printmaking/Sculpture)
Lindsey James, Pitcher Plants (Undergraduate: Jewelry/Metals)
Tyler Joy, Test Run 2 (Undergraduate: Painting)
Erin Miller, Color Study on Silk (Undergraduate: Textiles)
Stephanie Mote, Reticulate (Undergraduate: Printmaking)
Miwa Neishi, Bubbles and Cosmos (Graduate: Sculpture)
Mike Nold, Highlight (Graduate: Textiles)
Ryan Osborne, Torso (Graduate: Ceramics)
Jasmine Sampson, Cocoon (Undergraduate: Textiles)
Kathryn Shinko, Relapse (Graduate: Textiles)
Rachel Suzanne Smith, 90% Guarantee and Nature & Nurture (Graduate: Metals)
Trey Snowdon III, Walker (Graduate: Glass)
Jessica Todd, Geodesic (Inspired by Materials Park) (Graduate: Jewelry/Metals/ Enameling)
Zachary Wollert, Salt-Fired Vase with Lid (Graduate: Ceramics)