Foundation Volunteers


Volunteers are the heart of any technical society…they shape the direction of the organization and help it to grow and prosper.
ASM International has many dedicated volunteers who do everything from chairing high level committees and leading chapters to unsung heroes helping students at a Materials Camp for example.

Volunteerism is key to the longevity of ASM International as well as to the implementation of products and services needed by the materials science and engineering community. The rewards and benefits of volunteering are many, including networking and personal and career growth.
We look forward to your anticipated involvement and participation in making ASM  "The Materials Information Society."

ASM Materials Camp Student or Teachers Camp

Volunteers are always welcome as mentors and organizers. Are you interested in organizing or helping to set up an ASM Materials Camp for teachers or students in your area? Camps are held throughout the United States, Canada, and India, so join us for this most rewarding experience!

Organizing an ASM Materials Camp Student Camp or Teachers Camp is a tremendously satisfying experience for those who volunteer their time and creativity.

All costs to run a Student Camp will be shared by your ASM Chapter and local businesses. In the case of a Teachers Camp, all costs will be absorbed by the ASM Materials Education Foundation and your local ASM Chapter. Please look at the sample budget provided in the Guidelines as a reference point for what your Materials Camp might cost.

Materials Camp Student Camps can be anywhere from one to five days long. Teachers Camps are usually five days long. Whichever camp you choose to organize, you'll need months to get ready. Fortunately, all planning activities have been compiled in an easy-to-follow format.

  If you have any questions, please contact Jeane Deatherage at