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Phase Diagrams of Quaternary Iron Alloys

Hardcover   |   Product code: 57760G   |   ISBN: 81-85307-12-1

Classified as: Phase Diagrams and Crystallography

Price: $69.00 Member Price: $49.00
  • Contains critical evaluations of 53 industrially important quaternary iron systems presented in the form of two-dimensional sections for the condensed phases
  • Previously, quaternary systems had never been systematically evaluated
  • Prof. Raghavan, editor of five monographs on ternary iron alloys, shows clearly where experimental data and thermodynamic calculations may be expected to provide the highest reliability


Al-B-Fe-Nd, -C-Fe-Mn, -C-Fe-Si, -Co-Cr-Fe, -Co-Fe-Ni, -Cr-Fe-Ni, -Fe-Mn-U, -Fe-Ni-Ti, B-C-Cr-Fe, -Dy-Fe-Nd, -Fe-Ga-Nd, -Fe-Nd-Tb, C-Co-Cr-Fe, -Co-Fe-Ni, -Co-Fe-W, -Cr-Fe-Mn, -Cr-Fe-Mo, -Cr-Fe-N, -Cr-Fe-Nb, -Cr-Fe-Si, -Cr-Fe-Ti, -Cr-Fe-U, -Cr-Fe-V, -Cr-Fe-W, -Fe-Mn-Mo, -Fe-Mn-Nb, -Fe-Mn-Ni, -Fe-Mn-Si, -Fe-Mn-V, -Fe-Mo-Ni, -Fe-Mo-W, -Fe-N-Nb, -Fe-Nb-Si, -Fe-Ni-Pb, -Fe-Ni-U, -Fe-Ni-W, Co-Cr-Fe-Mo, -Cr-Fe-Nb, -Cr-Fe-Ni, -Cr-Fe-Si, -Cr-Fe-V, -Fe-Mo-Ni, -Fe-Ni-Ti, -Fe-Ni-W, -Fe-Re-Sm, Cr-Fe-Mn-N, -Fe-Mn-Ni, -Fe-Mo-Ni,-Fe-N-Ni, -Fe-Nb-Ni, -Fe-Ni-Si, -Fe-Ni-Ti

  • Published: 1996
  • Pages: 406
  • ISBN: 81-85307-12-1