Chapter Events

Chapter Events

With a current roster of 80+ professional Chapters worldwide, ASM offers one of the most extensive networking opportunities available. Chapters serve as extensions of the Society to the local community by providing opportunities for professional networking, education, student outreach, professional development and more. 

Chapter events, held mainly between the months of September and June, are updated often so check back regularly for updates from our local chapter community.

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[C] Students' Night - The Beauty of Crystals: Imperfect Perfection

November 30, 2018 | The Advanced Technology Center

1800 College Crescent , Virginia Beach , Virginia , USA

Many of the solid materials in our world are crystalline. The description of perfect crystals is mathematical, but in fact, none are perfect. This seminar will examine perfect crystals, the defects in crystals, and the influence of crystal defects on properties.

Chapter events

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