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Friction And Wear Behavior Of Electrodeposited Cu-Si3N4 Composite Coatings

Author: Maryam Eslami, Farhad Golestani-fard, Hassan Saghafian, Alain Robin   |   Document Download   |   Product code: ZCP2014MSTP0011

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Classified as: Composite Materials Copper

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Cu-Si3N4 composite coatings were obtained by electrolysis from a copper sulphate solution containing dispersed Si3N4 particles of 0.4 or 1^m. The effect of electrodeposition parameters such as surfactant concentration, particle concentration and current density on the incorporation percentage of Si3N4, the microstructure, and the wear resistance of the coatings were investigated. The incorporation of Si3N4 particles into the copper matrix resulted in the production of composite deposits with finer structure. The presence of Si3N4 particles decreases the wear loss and the friction coefficient of the coating dramatically. Fluctuation of friction coefficient values for Cu-Si3N4 composite coating was lower compared with the pure copper coating. The wear properties of Cu-Si3N4 composite coatings were found to depend on the weight fraction, the size and the distribution of co-deposited particles.

  • From:

    Materials Science & Technology 2014 (MS&T)

  • Publisher: TMS
  • Published: 2015
  • Pages: 8