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High Temperature Young’s Modulus Of A Seamless Pipe Steel

Author: Mingjian Hua , Qiongshu Wang, Z. Kent Li , Michael Panzeri, and Anthony J. DeArdo   |   Document Download   |   Product code: ZCP2014MSTP0321

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Classified as: Mechanical Properties Mechanical Testing

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A new experimental procedure is presented for evaluating the elastic modulus of steel at high temperatures, based on resonance principles, following ASTM Standards El 875-08, E1876-09, and C215. It is found that the Young's Modulus of a seamless steel pipe wall decreases with the temperature, from E = 211 GPa at 20°C, toE = 169 GPa at 538°C. This paper will describe the techniques used, the resulting data, and future improvement.
  • From: Materials Science & Technology 2014 (MS&T)
  • Publisher: TMS
  • Published: 2014
  • Pages: 6