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Heat Treatment: Metallurgy & Applications 11-DVD Set

Education DVD   |   Product code: 27386VZ

Classified as: Heat Treating

Price: $2468.00 Member Price: $2116.00

Heat Treatment: Metallurgy & Applications is an 11-DVD series.


Volume 1: Physical Metallurgy: Structure and Properties
Volume 2: Microstructures of Steels: Ferrite, Pearlite and Bainite
Volume 3: Isothermal and Continuous Cooling Transformation Diagrams
Volume 4: Annealing and Normalizing of Steel
Volume 5: Hardening and Hardenability
Volume 6: Tempering of Steel
Volume 7: Surface Hardening
Volume 8: Heat Treatment of Cast Iron
Volume 9: Heat Treatment of Tool Steels 
Volume 10: Constitution and Heat Treatment of Stainless Steels
Volume 11: Limitations of Heat Treatment


Format: DVD (11 Part Set)

Remastered for DVD, 2007

  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 1984