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Buehler Diamet hardness testing software features automatic symmetry calculation

January 04, 2017
Source: ASM International

Buehler, Lake Bluff, Ill., offers Diamet hardness testing software, which includes an automatic symmetry calculation for both Knoop and Vickers as a standard feature. The software is optimized for Macro-Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell indents according to ISO 6507, ISO 4545, ASTM E384, ISO 6506, and ASTM E10 standards. This extra validation, with clear visual indication, helps to ensure that the results conform to standards.

The macro view function enables creating a composite image of the specimen. The shape and size of the specimen is irrelevant, since the DiaMet software can scan any area within stage limits. Blend in the navigation mini map to navigate quickly and efficiently from test location to test location.

Navigation within the DiaMet software is made easy by its clean design, and is supported by simple and intuitive actions. Virtual tabs on top of the screen let you navigate between to Home, Program Testing, and Reporting. Comprehensive feedback is shown on the status bar, which makes interactions clear and efficient. Designed for touch panels, with an entirely new look and feel, DiaMet enables  fast and simple operation to satisfy the needs of operators with little training, while maintaining the flexibility and high level of features required by experts.


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