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Hitachi ion-milling system capable of high-speed and wide-area material processing

May 14, 2017
Source: ASM International

Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., Tokyo, announces the Hitachi ArBlade 5000 broad ion-milling system, which enables high throughput and prepares wide-area cross-sectional samples.

Ion-milling systems polish the surface of samples using the sputtering effect caused by the irradiation of an argon ion beam onto the surface. Sample-preprocessing systems are used in research and development, quality control, and related activities in various fields such as electronics and advanced materials.

Unlike mechanical polishing, ion-milling systems process samples without deforming or applying mechanical stress. As a result, ion-milling systems have found an expanded scope of application, including not only scanning electron microscopy, but also SPM/AFM and others.

Users in a variety of fields provided critical suggestions and improvements that have been incorporated into the latest design platform.

The ArBlade 5000 features a hybrid milling function capable of cross-sectional milling and flat milling, which is an exclusive hallmark in the series of Hitachi ion-milling systems. This functionality enables samples to be preprocessed according to a required purpose and application.

The ArBlade 5000 also features Plus II Ion Gun technology design, a new argon ion gun that achieves a cross-sectional milling rate of 1 mm/hr or higher (twice as fast as Hitachi High-Tech's IM4000Plus model). The new system enables users to prepare cross sections in a shorter time than before, including hard materials such as ceramics and metals, which tend to require longer processing times.

Additionally, Hitachi High-Tech has developed the all new Wide-Area Cross-sectional Milling Holder to enable cross-sectional milling up to a maximum milling width of 8 mm, thereby making it possible to prepare larger cross-sectional samples than ever before. Through synergies with the next generation argon ion gun, the new ArBlade 5000 will enable the preparation of wide-area cross-sectional samples unlike any other ion-system available in the market.



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