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Bruker Skyscan X-ray nano-CT offers ultrahigh resolution for larger fields of view

June 13, 2018
Source: ASM International

Bruker, Billerica, Mass., has launched the Skyscan 2214, a multiscale X-ray nano-computed-tomography system with a unique X-ray source and detector geometry that generates sharper images with excellent precision. It offers unprecedented, ultrahigh resolution for larger fields of view in larger objects, which makes nano-CT practical and truly useful for industrial and academic research.

The Skyscan 2214 features an innovative, modular design that accommodates up to four detectors, allowing customers to select the most appropriate detector for their samples and applications. This flexibility enables the scanning of a wide variety of sample types and sizes in one instrument, reducing the need for multiple, different CT systems. The four detectors are field-upgradable for cost-effective expansion to accommodate changing analytical requirements.

The instrument pushes the boundaries for measuring larger objects at ultrahigh resolution. Its uniquely large field of view allows for the analysis of specimens up to 300 mm in size. For objects up to 12 mm in size, it provides better than 500-nm true 3D resolution. The achievable voxel size is 60 nanometers. Its unique detector design encompasses a six-megapixel flat-panel, and three optimized 8/11 Mp cooled CCD cameras. The Skyscan 2214 produces up to 8K x 8K pixels in every slice, which is 16 times larger than any other nano-CT system available on the market.

It also comes equipped with user-friendly, comprehensive software for excellent data collection and high-end analysis capabilities. Spiral scanning enables distortion-free data acquisition and artefact-free reconstruction. The world’s fastest 3D reconstruction software speeds up imaging an object’s internal microstructure 10 to 100 times compared to traditional CT reconstruction algorithms. It requires almost no maintenance, thus enhancing system uptime and reducing cost of ownership. 

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