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ASB installs multiple specimen polisher with advanced software and hardware

July 09, 2018
Source: ASM International

ASB Industries, Barberton, Ohio, recently purchased a multiple specimen polisher from Allied High Tech with the newest software and hardware for thermal spray metallography sample preparation. Metallographic examination of coated specimens (by different methods) is important in the development and implementation of cold spray technologies. The image shows a specimen of a high-pressure cold-sprayed Inconel 625 coating. Metallographic preparation of such specimens is not a trivial matter, as the affected surfaces can be badly damaged or altered by poor practices. Beyond this, the preparation method must reveal the true structure so that it can be properly interpreted, measured, evaluated, and documented. Every step of the procedure must be properly executed if the examination is to yield maximum value.

The ASB Metallography Lab has an advanced grinder and polisher to quickly and properly prepare the mounted samples. The microstructure of the coated samples (after grinding and polishing) is examined with the optical microscope equipped with digital camera, or with the stereomicroscope. Microstructural analysis plays a vital role in the formation of thermally sprayed, plasma sprayed, and cold-sprayed coatings. Laboratory professional personnel are able to examine the coating features in a confident and cost-effective manner, due to the advances made in consumable technology and equipment.

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