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H.C. Starck completes sale of Tantalum & Niobium Division to Japanese company

July 09, 2018
Source: ASM International

H.C. Starck Fabricated Products Division, Newton, Mass., announces that the company has completed the sale of its Tantalum & Niobium (Ta/Nb) Division to JX Nippon Mining & Metals in Japan. 

JX Nippon is an excellent new owner for the Ta/Nb division,” says Andreas Mader, CEO of the division. “The divestiture of H.C. Starck’s Tantalum and Niobium business does not affect the FPR Division‘s commercial business or operations. With respect to the supply chain relationship between FPR and JX Nippon‘s Ta/Nb division, we have sufficient long-term agreements in place to ensure a continued supply of tantalum and niobium conflict-free raw materials to support our customers.”

The Fabricated Products Division also announces that it is launching spherical molybdenum thermal spray powders designed to improve and restore surfaces that have been corroded, eroded, or worn, for both large structures and small metal components.

“Our molybdenum thermal spray powders are optimized for diverse processes such as plasma, flame, detonation, and HVAF and HVOF, “says Mr. Mader. “To ensure quality and performance, we offer the best-in-class laboratory services with the latest in analytical tools, testing equipment, modeling, and simulation software to assist our research engineers in evaluating product performance. These highly skilled engineers concentrate on providing texture control to enhance the uniformity and performance consistency of our powders.” 

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