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3D surface profiler provides high-resolution analysis for complex materials

July 12, 2018
Source: ASM International

Keyence, Itasca Ill., introduces a new 3D surface profiler that measures from nanometers to millimeters, and is designed to work on any material or surface, even those with complex shapes. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company has 30 offices in the U.S.

The VK-X series uses Focus Variation to capture multiple optical images while the lens is moved up and down. These images are then used to construct a 3D shape according to focus position and height. The AAGII Function automatically adjusts intensity of the received light, and optimization of laser intensity allows use on complex surfaces or those with large differences in reflectance.

The VK-X’s updated light-receiving element (PMT) and algorithm help to reduce noise, while producing accurate ZI profile curve calculations even in areas that poorly reflect light or with low magnification lenses.  If a surface cannot be measured accurately with a single scan, the sensitivity of the light-receiving element is automatically adjusted and the object is scanned again to generate accurate results.

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Materials Properties and Performance | Corrosion

Materials Properties and Performance | Environmental Impacts

Materials Properties and Performance | Friction and Wear

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Failure Analysis

Materials Testing and Evaluation | Materials Characterization

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