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Optomec develops controlled-atmosphere 3D printing system for large titanium parts

September 09, 2018
Source: ASM International

Optomec, Albuquerque, N.M., introduces the LENS 860 hybrid controlled atmosphere (CA) system, which has a larger build volume and supports higher laser power, providing more capabilities for affordable, high-quality metal hybrid manufacturing.

This new addition to the Optomec LENS Machine Tool Series has an 860 x 600 x 610 mm work envelope, and is equipped with a hermetically sealed build chamber that maintains oxygen and moisture levels below 10 ppm for processing reactive metals such as titanium. The system can be configured with closed loop controls and a high-power 3kW fiber laser, making it ideal for building, repairing, or coating mid-size to large-size parts with superior metal quality.

In addition to the LENS 860 Hybrid CA model, three more configurations are available. The LENS 860 Hybrid Open Atmosphere (OA) system provides an ideal platform for processing non-reactive metals, such as stainless steel, tool steel, and Inconel. Two additive-only models (both open and controlled atmosphere) round out the new large format Machine Tool Series of LENS systems.

All Machine Tool Series systems incorporate Optomec industry-leading LENS 3D Metal Printing technology, which has been enhanced for higher power and faster additive manufacturing. One key advantage of the LENS Hybrid configuration is the ability to use the milling capability to perform finish machining on a printed part without re-fixturing or aligning the component on a second machine. The LENS Machine Tool Series continues to lead the industry in cost to performance with a starting price of under $250,000. 

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