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Instron “Errors in Your Data” online course helps operators identify data integrity issues

December 06, 2018
Source: ASM International

Instron, Norwood, Mass., launches an all-new online training course designed to help operators of materials testing systems understand data integrity issues they may encounter during testing. The Instron Training Center, the official training service for Instron materials testing systems, is expanding its offerings with the release of its all-new online eLearning Course, “Errors in Your Data.” This 60-minute course is tailored for both new and experienced operators of materials testing equipment, including lab technicians and engineers who seek to understand the various data integrity issues that they might encounter.

Using an online diagnostic approach, the “Errors in Your Data” course shows operators how to identify errors caused by a variety of factors, including physical measurements (load cells/extensometers), testing fixtures, misalignments, software method development, temperature and humidity, and more. The course explains potential causes of these errors and teaches you how to resolve them in a timely manner.

“Data errors can be hugely detrimental, not to mention frustrating,” says Carmen Corriveau of the Instron Training Center. “So we made this course available online to create a convenient way for organizations to empower their operators to diagnose and get to the root cause of the most common errors seen in materials testing, and then resolve these issues so that the lab can get back to testing.”

Introduced in 2017, the Instron eLearning Courses debuted with the popular “Basic Introduction to Materials Testing: Static” course, which provides an overview of the theory and practice of static materials testing. This is one of many training options the Instron Training Center offers, including onsite training at customer sites, regional courses, and training classes at the Instron factory.

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