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The Surface Treatment and Finishing of Aluminum and Its Alloys, 6th Edition

Author: P.G. Sheasby and R. Pinner   |   Book and CD   |   Product code: 06945G   |   ISBN: 0-904477-21-5, 0-904477-22-3, 0-904477-23-1

Classified as: Aluminum Surface Engineering

Price: $477.00 Member Price: $405.00

A comprehensive review and guide to surface engineering-cleaning, finishing, and coating-of aluminum and its alloys. Includes in-depth coverage of anodizing and coloring treatments. Two-volume set, including CD.

Completely revised, expanded and updated edition of  this classic work now comes with  CD-ROM format included. Just about everything there is to know on the subject!

  • Chapter 1. Aluminium, properties, alloys & finishes. History, overview, corrosion of aluminium & its protection.
  • Chapter 2. Mechanical surface treatments. Blasting,  polishing, grinding. Barrel & vibratory systems. Wheel polishing & buffing, chemomechanical polishing. 
  • Chapter 3. Electrolytic & chemical polishing.  Electropolishing. Reflectivity.
  • Chapter 4. Chemical Cleaning & Etching. Cleanliness testing. Cleaning methods. Rinsing, acid & alkaline cleaning.  Chemical milling.
  • Chapter 5.  Chemical conversion coating & pretreatment films. Hydration, sealing, chromates, chromate-free processes, phosphates, silanes. Paint adhesion mechanisms.
  • Chapter 6. Fundamentals  of anodizing.
  • Chapter 7. Decorative & protective anodizing,  plant, equipment, processes. Mechanisation & special cases of anodizing. Chemical control & analysis of solutions. (End of Vol. 1). 
  • Chapter 8. Anodizing  & colouring in architecture. 
  • Chapter 9. Hard anodizing.
  • Chapter 10. Colouring anodic oxide coatings with dyes & pigments. 
  • Chapter 11.  Sealing anodic oxide coatings.
  • Chapter 12. Properties & testing of anodic coatings (thickness, porosity, hardness, density, adhesion, abrasion resistance, flexibility, stress, elasticity, sealing quality, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, optical properties, thermal properties. Tensile strength & fatigue effects.  (emphasis  throughout is on national & international standards). 
  • Chapter 13. Plating onto aluminium. Zincate, immersion tin & other treatments. Testing  of electroplated  coatings on aluminum.
  • Chapter 14. Organic finishing of aluminium (painting, powder coating).
  • Chapter 15. Vitreous enamelling of aluminum & tests for enamel coatings. 
  • Chapter  16.  Effluent treatment  from aluminium finishing plants. 
  • Appendix A. Composition & properties of most important  US & European alloys, incl. aerospace. 
  • Appendix B. Finishing specifications.  European, UK, French, German, Swiss, US standards. 
  • Subject  index.

Format: Two-Volume Set and CD-ROM. Volume 1 ISBN 0-904477-21-5; Volume 2 ISBN 0-904477-22-3; CD ROM ISBN 0-904477-23-1

  • Publisher: Finishing Publications Ltd. and ASM International
  • Published: 2001
  • Pages: 1387
  • ISBN: 0-904477-21-5, 0-904477-22-3, 0-904477-23-1