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Customized On-Site Training

ASM On-Site Training Drives Efficiency and Performance

Whether your organization is developing new products, seeking increased product quality, or investing in new capabilities, you have a group of employees that need improved skills. ASM is uniquely positioned to provide training critical to staying competitive within the dynamic markets you serve.   

Leverage ASM On-Site Training to:

  • Drive Solutions by empowering your team to solve current and future problems

  • Improve Efficiency by reducing waste and re-work

  • Increase Competitiveness through improved product quality and consistency

Maximize your investment in human resources by providing professional development opportunities from a wide range of materials topics. Customize courses to align with your applications and unique production issues. Benefit from the guidance of world-class ASM instructors. Reduce time away from work. With On-Site Training, your company drives the curriculum to enhance the critical skills you depend upon – when and where you need them most.

ASM Education has developed on-site courses to meet the needs of companies and organizations throughout the world. We have trained engineers, R&D personnel, sales staff, technicians, and scientists at hundreds of organizations, including:

•    Alstom Power
•    American Steel Products
•    Boeing
•    Caterpillar
•    Delphi Automotive
•    Eaton Corporation
•    Emerson Power Transmission
•    Gerdau Ameristeel
•    Halliburton
•    Honda of America Manufacturing

•    Lincoln Electric
•    Los Alamos National Laboratories
•    NASA
•    Nucor Steel
•    Pratt & Whitney
•    Rolls-Royce
•    Steel & Pipe Supply
•    Swagelok
•    United Space Alliance
•    Wolf Creek Nuclear

Interested in discussing details? Contact Ravi Dodeja for a training assessment at 440.338.5414 or at Or, fill out our needs assessment and we will contact you to discuss your professional development objectives.

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ASM can customize any of the topics below to meet your company's training needs.

Materials Engineering

Aluminum and Its Alloys
Elements of Metallurgy
Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist™
Metallurgy of Steel for the Non-Metallurgist
Oilfield Metallurgy
Stainless Steels
Titanium and Its Alloys

Failure Analysis

Applied Techniques of Failure Analysis
Component Failure Analysis
How to Organize and Run a Failure Investigation
Practical Fractography
Practical Fracture Mechanics
Principles of Failure Analysis

Heat Treating

Introduction to Heat Treating
Advanced Heat Treating
Heat Treating for the Non-Heat Treater
Heat Treatment, Microstructure and Performance of Carbon and Alloy Steels
Practical Heat Treating
Practical Induction Heat Treating



Metallographic Techniques
Advanced Metallographic Techniques
Complete Metallography of Fasteners
Introduction to Metallurgical Lab Practices
Metallography for Failure Analysis
Practical Interpretation of Microstructures


Metallurgy of Welding and Joining
Welding Inspection and Quality Control

Medical Materials

Medical Device Design Validation and Failure Analysis
Nitinol for Medical Devices
Stainless Steels, Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Alloys for Medical
Metallographic Techniques for Medical Devices