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Corrosion 15 DVD Series

Education DVD   |   Product code: 21316VZ

Classified as: Corrosion

Price: $2468.00 Member Price: $2116.00

Corrosion Course 15 DVD Collection

The course emphasizes practical applications of corrosion technology to solve industrial corrosion problems, this Course presents fundamental principles of corrosion, helping participants to:

  • Recognize and define corrosion problems
  • Understand how to develop and implement corrosion control programs
  • Correctly apply corrosion test methods and interpret results
    1. Introduction to Corrosion
    2. Basic Concepts in Corrosion
    3. Thermodynamics: Potential - pH Diagrams
    4. Kinetics of Corrosion: Polarization
    5. Eight Forms of Corrosion: Uniform, Pitting, Concentration Cell
    6. Eight Forms of Corrosion: Galvanic and Stress Corrosion Cracking
    7. Eight Forms of Corrosion: Erosion-Corrosion, Intergranular and Dealloying
    8. Corrosion Testing and Monitoring
    9. Electrochemical Test Methods
    10. General Material Considerations and Applications to Ferrous Alloys
    11. Nonferrous and Nonmetallic Materials
    12. Corrosive Environments
    13. Economics and Failure Analysis
    14. Methods of Control
    15. Methods of Control: Related to Coatings

    Format: DVD (15 DVDs)

Remastered for DVD, 2007

  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 2017