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Ceramic - Fundamentals of Ceramics Online Course

Instructor: Carl Frahme | Online | Product code: 22152K

Price: $823.00 Member Price: $700.00

Course Overview

Provides the student with a broad overview of basic information and principles necessary for an understanding of ceramic materials and their production. Includes sections on chemistry; manufacturing processes; ceramic product groups; process control and evaluation; and industrial challenges.

Course Outline

Module I: Introduction to Chemistry and Crystal Chemistry

1. The Atom and the Periodic Table of Elements
2. Chemical Bonding Between Atoms
3. Crystal Chemistry- Basic Concepts and Simple Crystal Systems
4. Crystal Chemistry- Complex Systems
5. Amorphous Systems- Glass
6. Relationships Between Crystal Chemistry and Physical Properties
7. Microstructure of Ceramic Materials

Module II: Fundamentals of Ceramic Manufacturing Technology

8. Traditional Ceramic Raw Materials
9. Non-Traditional and Special Ceramic Raw Materials
10. Typical Ceramic Body Compositions
11. Raw Material Preparation, Batching, and Body Preparation
12. Forming Processes
13. Drying
14. Ceramic Firing
15. Ceramic Kilns
16. Glaze Technology
17. Glass- Important Properties
18. Glass- Manufacturing Technology

Module III: Ceramic Product Groups

Introduction to Module III

19. Whitewares
20. Structural Clay Products
21. Glass Products
22. Refractories
23. Advanced Ceramics

Module IV: Process Control and Evaluation of Ceramics

24. The Function of Statistical Process Control
25. Statistical Process Control in Ceramics
26. Measurement of Ceramic Properties

Module V: The Ceramic Industry- Challenges and the Future

27. Competitive Materials
28. The Global Ceramic Business
29. Automation
30. Safety, Health Hazards, Pollution Control, and Ecology
31. Future Developments

Ceramics Course provided by The American Ceramic Society.

Continuing Education Units: 3.0