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Ceramic - Physical Properties of Ceramic Materials Online Course

Instructor: Carl Frahme | Online | Product code: 22202K

Price: $705.00 Member Price: $582.00

Course Overview
The types of behavior that ceramic materials exhibit at the atomic, microscopic, and macroscopic scale is covered in this course. Includes chapters on crystal chemistry, phase equlibria, and physical properties (mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical, magnetic, and chemical).

Course Outline

Module I: Crystal Chemistry- Fundamentals

1. Introduction to Properties
2. The Periodic Table and the Atom
3. Types of Chemical Bonds
4. Crystal Structure
5. Influence of Chemical Bonding and Crystal Structure on Properties
6. Ceramic Compositions- Classes and Properties

Module II: Ceramic Inorganic Chemistry

7. Reactions Between Compounds
8. Phase Equilibria- Single and Binary Systems
9. Phase Equilibria- Ternary and Complex Systems
10. Typical Binary and Ternary Ceramic Systems

Module III: Physical Properties of Ceramics

11. Microstructure of Ceramics
12. Mechanical Properties
13. Thermal Properties
14. Optical Properties
15. Electrical and Magnetic Properties
16. Chemical Properties

Ceramics Course provided by The American Ceramic Society.

Continuing Education Units: 3.0