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Heat Treatment of Steel Self-Study Course

Heat Treatment of Steel is a comprehensive course that covers practical heat treating of carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels. In this course, there is additional emphasis on process applications, including valuable information on atmosphere control, quenching, temperature control and the type of equipment that is proper for different types of heat treating operations.

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Maintenance of Heat Treating Equipment Self-Study Course

This course focuses on the maintenance of industrial furnaces and associated thermal processing equipment. Batch and continuous furnaces, both with and without prepared protective atmospheres, are included. Associated equipment is covered for atmosphere generators, vacuum and induction heating.

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Practical Heat Treating Self-Study Course

Practical Heat Treating teaches the actual heat treating process or the "how" of heat treating, as compared to "Heat Treatment of Steel" and "Principles of Heat Treating" which are intended to impart the fundamental metallurgical knowledge of what happens when metals are heated and cooled or the "why" of heat treatment.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

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