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Electroplating Self-Study Course

Self-Study | Product code: 25311C

Price: $1400.00 Member Price: $1200.00

Many metals and alloys can be enhanced considerably by electroplating to provide corrosion resistance and/or decorative finishes. This course provides the electrical and chemical fundamentals of electroplating. Many types of metallic electrodeposition are explained in a "do" and "don't" presentation.

Target Audience

Personnel ranging from designers to electroplaters can enhance their technical expertise by gaining a through knowledge of proper procedures and their applications. This course is a must for anyone associated with pleated parts such as: quality control inspectors, technicians, sales personnel and managers.

Required Pre-Requisites

  • A basic understanding of chemistry and physics is necessary to derive full benefits from this course.
  • Elements of Metallurgy course

Continuing Education Units: 3.0

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