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Education Self-Paced Training

SelfStudy Courses


Our Self Study Courses allow you to proceed at your own pace over the course of a year.  Lessons are presented through our course content in PDF format. Internet access is required to read in the learning management system, download materials or print them via off-line access. Quizzes to review the knowledge you have learned are at the end of each lesson.

A final exam is provided at the end of the course. It is not timed and both your notes and course materials may be used to assist in taking it. You can only submit the exam once for a grade. A successful passing score of 80% or better on the final exam, and completion of the course survey will allow you to print your own certificate of completion and reach completion requirements for earning the associated continuing education units for that course.

Please see Self Study FAQ's and Refund Policy for Online Courses (includes Self-Studies and DVDs) for more general information.

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Nickel and Nickel Alloys Self-Study Course

Where long performance life and reduced lifecycle costs are at issue, nickel and nickel alloys can frequently provide an excellent alternative. Today, as long mill lead times attest, higher alloyed materials are being used to an even greater extent. To provide dependable information on when to use these alloys -- and in which applications -- this course has been developed.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

Practical Heat Treating Self-Study Course

Practical Heat Treating teaches the actual heat treating process or the "how" of heat treating, as compared to "Heat Treatment of Steel" and "Principles of Heat Treating" which are intended to impart the fundamental metallurgical knowledge of what happens when metals are heated and cooled or the "why" of heat treatment.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

Stainless Steels Self-Study Course

Stainless steels have emerged as one of the more important man-made materials, designed for strength, corrosion resistance, and easy fabrication. Continued growth in the use of stainless steels provides an incentive to understand their properties, processing, and response to various fabrication rules. This course provides the important facts to help master these alloys for a wide variety of uses.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

Thermal Spray Technology Self-Study Course

Thermal spray technology provides a cost-effective solution for many applications requiring resistance to wear, heat and corrosion. Processes including electric arc combustion and plasma spray coatings can apply almost any material to the surface of another. Coating systems must be engineered and applied correctly to operate as an overlay surface.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

Welding Inspection and Quality Control Self-Study Course

This course addresses all the aspects that are critical to understanding this demanding area; it contains the technical information that the personnel in this area must know to perform their jobs properly.

Learning & Professional Development / Courses / Self-Study

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