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Online Databases

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Don't risk your reputation on unverified information – subscribe to the ASM Online Databases for the certainty that only comes from peer-reviewed material. These databases save you time by collecting numerous resources in one place, and also offer you ease of use combined with the convenience of 24-hour availability and customization.

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Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel

  Key to Steel – Stahlschlüssel

Get instant access to more than 70,000 standard designations and trade names from approximately 300 steelmakers and suppliers from 25 countries. The online database includes the ability to search for steels by designation, chemical composition, and mechanical/physical properties. Choice of language (English, German, or French).  Materials covered include structural steels, tool steels, valve steels, high temperature steels and alloys, stainless and heat-resisting steels, and more.
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