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ASM Failure Analysis Database™

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ASM provides the most comprehensive materials property information available.

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The ASM Failure Analysis Database includes over 1,000 case histories dealing with fracture, stress, strain, wear, corrosion, distortion, materials class and processing related failures from leading journals and technical reports. Drill down to get just what you need – full descriptions, use cases scenarios, graphic representations and specific criteria to help you evaluate and conclude. From simple to advanced searches, this database provides links to related explanations and data from the ASM Handbook®, Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention.

Why researchers and engineers choose ASM.

  • Faster research and problem solving.

  • Improved work efficiency.

  • Simplified comparison and selection.

  • Access to authoritative answers.

Spend more time analyzing data and making better decisions with the ASM Failure Analysis Database.

Request more information on ASM Database Licenses and Pricing.
Schedule a Customized Demonstration via WebEx for your organization. Contact Sales at or 440.338.5151.

"Over the past year, Black & Veatch has used our subscription to perform numerous online searches in the ASM Handbooks, Failure Analysis Center and Alloy Center online databases. On several occasions, it has literally saved hours of time for each search. In one instance, I spent ten minutes finding the requested information, and I'm not even sure I would have been able to find the information from other sources at all! While a few of our engineers have one or two ASM Handbooks for reference, the database allows faster searches and searches from multiple references. The information is excellent and the cost benefits far outweigh the cost of the service."
Spencer Luke,  Welding and Materials Engineer, P.E. 
Black & Veatch

"I teach a course on failure analysis in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and we use the ASM Failure Analysis Database as our primary resource in the class. It contains excellent examples of various types of failure as well as concise descriptions of failure mechanisms. I actually teach from it and, since it contains the ASM Failure Analysis Handbook, I use it in place of any other required textbook for the class."
Jeffrey L. Evans, 
Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of Alabama