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Brazing Handbook, 5th Edition (AWS)

Hardcover   |   Product code: 05336G

Classified as: Brazing

Price: $144.00 Member Price: $115.00

The AWS Brazing Handbook, 5th Edition provides a comprehensive, organized survey of the basics of brazing, processes, and applications. Addresses the fundamentals of brazing, brazement design, brazing filler metals and fluxes, safety and health, and many other topics. Includes new chapters on induction brazing and diamond brazing.

By agreement between the American Welding Society C3 Committee on Brazing and Soldering and the ASM Handbook Committee, the AWS Brazing Handbook has been formally adopted as part of the ASM Handbook Series. Through this agreement, the brazing content in the ASM Handbook is significantly updated and expanded.


  • Publisher: American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Published: 2007