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Materials Properties Handbook: Titanium Alloys

Editor: R. Boyer, E.W. Collings, and G. Welsch   |   Hardcover   |   Product code: 06005G   |   ISBN: 978-0-87170-481-8

Classified as: Titanium

Price: $357.00 Member Price: $265.00

The most comprehensive titanium data package ever assembled on titanium and titanium alloys, this volume provides extensive information on applications, physical properties, corrosion, mechanical properties (including design allowables where available), fatigue, fracture properties, and elevated temperature properties. The appropriate specifications for each alloy are included.

The 60-plus data sheets supply not only extensive graphical and tabular information on properties, but the datasheets also describe or illustrate important factors which would aid in the selection of the proper alloy or heat treatment. The datasheets are further supplemented with background information on the metallurgy and fabrication characteristics of titanium alloys. An especially extensive coverage of properties, processing and metallurgy is provided in the datasheet for the workhorse of the titanium industry, Ti-6Al-4V.

In many cases, key references are included for further information on a given subject.

Comprehensive datasheets provide extensive information on: Applications, Specifications, Corrosion, Mechanical Design Properties, Fatigue and Fracture Properties, Fabrication Characteristics, and Effects of Processing on Properties.


  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 1994
  • Pages: 1169
  • ISBN: 978-0-87170-481-8