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Processing of Composites

Author: R. Dav├ę, A. Loos   |   Hardcover   |   Product code: 72368G   |   ISBN: 9781569902264

Classified as: Metal-Matrix Composites Polymer-Matrix Composites

Price: $249.99

Composite materials have been acclaimed as the "Materials of the Future." What makes the fabrication of these materials so complex is that it involves simultaneous heat, mass, and momentum transfer, along with chemical reactions in a multiphase system with time-dependent material properties and boundary conditions. Composite manufacturing requires knowledge of chemistry, polymer and material science, rheology, kinetics, transport phenomena, mechanics, and control systems. Therefore, at first, composite manufacturing was somewhat of a mystery because very diverse knowledge was required of its practitioners. We now better understand the different fundamental aspects of composite processing so that this book could be written with contributions from many composite practitioners. This book provides a quick overview of the fundamental principles underlying composite processing and summarizes a few important processes for composite manufacturing. This book is intended for those who want to understand the fundamentals of composite processing. In particular, this book is especially valuable for students as a graduate level textbook and for practitioners who struggle to optimize these processes. Table of Contents: Part I-Theory. Chemistry, Kinetics, and Rheology of Thermoplastic Resins Made by Ring Opening Polymerization. Thermoset Resin Cure Kinetics and Rheology. Phase Separation and Morphology Development during Curing of Toughened Thermosets. In Situ Frequency Dependent Dielectric Sensing of Cure. A Unified Approach to Modeling Transport of Heat, Mass, and Momentum in the Processing of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials. Void Growth and Dissolution. Consolidation during Thermoplastic Composite Processing. Processing-Induced Residual Stress in Composites. Intelligent Control of Product Quality in Composite Manufacturing. Part II-Process. Autoclave Processing. Pultrusion. Principles of Liquid Composite Molding. Filament Winding. Dieless Forming of Thermoplastic-Matrix Composites. Intelligent Processing Tools for Composite Processing. Index. Reviews: "It provides insights into the status of the [recent] problems, how to analyze the problems, and how to improve the processes in the field of composite materials. The book is up-to-date, and valuable for both academic and industrial scientists." 

from Polymer News

"It does provide a goos insight into the molding and curing of composite materials, and will help the reader to better understand composites processing technology... Recommended."

from The Composites and Adhesives Newsletter

Published: 2000 Pages: 488 Figures: 238

  • Publisher: Hanser
  • Published: July 20, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781569902264