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Serrated Flow In Aluminium Base Alloys

Author: J.M. Robinson   |   Document Download   |   Product code: ZIMR3906P217

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The most well known manifestation of dynamic strain aging is serrated plastic flow during mechanical testing. Serrated flow was first observed in aluminium alloys by Portevin and Le Chatelier after whom the Portevin- Le Chatelier effect is named. The work presented here concentrates on a review of the diversity of occurrence of serrated flow in aluminium base alloys. Binary alloys are discussed initially and the effect of individual alloy additions on serrated plastic flow is examined. This is followed by a discussion on the manifestations of dynamic strain aging in commercial aluminium alloys subdivided into separate classes distinguished primarily by the major alloying element. Relatively recent reports of serrated flow in aluminium-lithium alloys and aluminium alloy composites are also considered. Finally, the effect of precipitation processes on serrated flow phenomena in aluminium alloys is specifically discussed.
  • From: International Materials Reviews, Volume 39, Number 6, 1994 (ASM-IOM-Maney)
  • Published: 1994
  • Pages: 11