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    Failure Investigation of Boiler Tubes: A Comprehensive Approach

    Published: 2018
    Authors: Paresh Haribhakti, P.B. Joshi, and Rajendra Kumar

    Failures or forced shutdowns in power plants are often due to boilers, and particularly failure of boiler tubes. This comprehensive resource deals with the subject of failure investigation of boiler tubes from basic fundamentals to practical applications.

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    Metallography of Steels: Interpretation of Structure and the Effects of Processing

    Published: 2018
    Authors: Hubertus Colpaert

    This book is a combination of a metallographic atlas for steels and cast irons and an introductory textbook covering the fundamentals of phase transformations and heat treatment of these materials. Every important stage of processing, from casting to cold working is clearly discussed and copiously illustrated with metallographs that show the obtained structures, both desired and those achieved when deviations occur. A valuable companion even for experienced steel practitioners.

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    Selected Values of the Crystallographic Properties of the Elements

    Published: 2018
    Authors: John W. Arblaster

    This reference book presents a unique and comprehensive review of the crystallographic properties of all the elements and will be a valuable resource for metallurgists and crytallographers. The crystallographic properties are evaluated at ambient pressure in order to provide a base line for high pressure studies. Lattice parameters of the elements are presented as a function of temperature and related properties such as thermal expansion coefficients, molar volumes, and densities are provided. Special attention is given to ensure that the selected values correspond to the latest values of atomic weights and the fundamental constants.

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    Fractography Poster

    Authors: Mohan D. Chaudhari

    The ASM Fractography Poster gives you a ready reference of important surface-fracture appearances for crack initiation and propagation modes. The poster illustrates 36 common fracture modes with fractographs for several common structural steels, cast irons, superalloys, Ti-6Al-4V, copper alloys, and tungsten filament.

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    Phase Diagrams of Ternary Iron Alloys, Part 6

    Price: $69.00 Member Price: $49.00 300+ evaluations of all of the remaining industrially-significant ternary iron alloys, with no duplication from Parts 1-5. Published: 1993 Pages: 1294 Format: 2 Volume Set

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    Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook, 1st Edition

    Authors: John Brown

    The Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook provides a practical reference book for all those concerned with dealing with aluminum, copper, and magnesium casting alloys. International SI units are used throughout, but in almost all cases conversions to the more familiar Metric and Imperial units are given.

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