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    Thermodynamic Analysis On The Behavior Of Titanium In Production Process Of 95Crmo Hollow Steel

    Authors: Linzhu Wang, Jingshe Li, Jiaze Xiong, Shufeng Yang, Tuo Wu1, Xiang Li

    This paper mainly studied the behavior of titanium in production process of 95CrMo hollow steel. Thermodynamics calculation of titanium oxide and TiN inclusions formation in 95CrMo was carried out in this paper, considering the relationship between ejTi> ejO> ejN and temperature respectively

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    Research On The Low Temperature Reduction Degradation Of Dust-Sludge-Carbon Composite Pellets

    Authors: Xiang YUAN, Jian-liang ZHANG, Rui MAO, Zheng-jian LIU, Fei WANG

    Iron and steel enterprises iron bearing dust and sludge is the focus of today's research. It's contains a lot of valuable elements, is an important resource.

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    A Comparison Of Different Measurement Methods To Evaluate Strain-Induced Martensite Formation In A Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel

    Authors: K.S. Raghavan, G. Thomas, J. Arnold, A. Gill, and T. Gnaupel-Herold

    Accurate measurement of phase volume fraction of ferrite, austenite and martensite is of considerable interest in the context of third generation advanced high strength steels that rely on the transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) mechanism in order to develop high strength, high ductility properties.

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    Thermodynamic Analysis On Fusion Temperature And Melting Characteristic Of Bf Slags

    Authors: Ya-peng ZHANG, Jian-liang ZHANG, Rui MAO, Zheng-jian LIU, Xiang YUAN

    Different quarternary phase diagrams of BF slags systems were drawn in Factsage computing system. Subsequently, effect of basicity, aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide of slags as well as temperature on the fusion temperature and formation of liquid phase of BF slags were discussed.

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    Effect Of The Granularity Of Different Metamorphic Degree Coal On Combustion Characteristics

    Authors: XU Runsheng, ZHANG Jianliang, SONG Tengfei, Wang Haiyang

    The effect of the coal powder granularity of different metamorphic degree coal on combustion characteristics was studied by thermo-gravimetric analyzer. The experimental results show that the smaller particle size of coal powder, the more obvious change of pulverized coal ignition temperature, burnout temperature, integrated combustion characteristics index and mean apparent activation energy, for high metamorphic degree coal. The smaller particle size contributes to the combustion of high metamorphic degree coal. With the decrease of coal particle size, the burnout temperature of low metamorphic degree coal increases.

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    Optimal Coal Blending For Blast Furnace Injection Based On Multidimensional Scaling Analysis

    Authors: Zheng Changle, Zhang Jianliang, Su Buxin, Guo Jian

    As China pulverized coal injection ratio and mixed coal injection levels of blast furnace operation continue to increase, however, there is no uniform standard for mixed coal injection technology at home and aboard, therefore further refinement mixed coal blending and optimization are required.

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    Dephosphorization Model For A Continuous Dri-Eaf Process

    Authors: Mohammed A Tayeb, Richard Fruehan, Seetharaman Sridhar, Chris Pistorius

    For many steelmaking processes, mathematical modeling is an effective inexpensive way to predict the effects of changes in operational variables will have on the process. Several basic oxygen furnace (BOF) models have been developed over the years.

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    The Research Of Influence Alloying Elements On Processes Structure Formation In Stamp Steel

    Authors: B. Sereda and D. Sereda

    The results of the researches showed that the most effective alloying elements for die steel are molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium.

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    Microstructure And Deformation Behavior Of As-Extruded Mg-Li Based Alloy

    Authors: Jung-Han Kim, Yong-Ho Kim, Hyo-Sang Yoo, Jeong-Won Choi, Hyeon-Taek Son

    Additions of Li to Mg alloys can transform the hcp to bcc, substantially increasing the ductility of the Mg-Li alloys and further reducing its density. Mg-Li alloys exhibit two phase structures between 5 and 10 wt% Lithium content consisting of a(hcp) Mg-rich and p(bcc) Li-rich phases. Mg- Li binary alloys containing greater than approximately 11 wt% Li form a single phase bcc microstructure (p phase).

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    New Piezoelectric Film Materials For Mems Electronic Devices

    Authors: Korobova N., Timoshenkov S., Mukimov D.

    Comprehensive processes study of sols synthesis, structure and properties of multicomponent piezoelectric compositions has been allowed the development of basic principles of their creation, and show practical implementation of experimental results for film microelectronics.

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