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    ISTFA 2018: Proceedings from the 44th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis eBook

    Published: 2018

    The theme for the November 2018 conference was "Failures Worth Analyzing." While technology advances fast and the market demands the latest and the greatest, successful companies strive to stay competitive and remain profitable.

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    On-Site Hydrogen Generation Enhances Attractiveness Of Ptwa Thermal Spray Cylinder Liner Technology

    Authors: David Wolff , David Cook, Benjamin Tower

    Defense and aerospace technologies have, over the years, been the incubator for many advanced technologies that then become cost-reduced, mainstreamed and widely available.

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    Cathode Plasma Electrolytic Depositing Metal, Alloy And Composite Coatings

    Authors: Cheng Quan, Guanghong Zhao, Yedong He

    Plasma electrolysis is a special technique that triggers micro-arc discharges in the gas envelop of the substrate surface in the electrode process.

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    Effect Of Machining Variables On The Fatique Life Of End-Milled Aluminium Alloy

    Authors: S.J. Ojolo, J.I. Orisaleye, N. Obiajulu

    Machining involves the thermal, elastic and plastic deformations of the surface layer which result in strain hardening, structural changes and development of residual stresses. These cause surface irregularities which may increase the risk of fatigue failure of material during usage.

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    Effect Of Surface Finishing On Service Life Of Cutting Tools: Case Of Cutlery

    Authors: Wilian Labiapari, Jose Lucio Gongalves Jr., Claudio Alcantara, Henara Lillian Costa, Jose Daniel Biasoli de Mello

    It was identified that the progressive wear of cutting tools used in industrial cutlery production resulted in excessive burr formation and reduced service life. This paper investigated the hypothesis that the surface finish of the sheet could affect tool wear during blanking and therefore reduce tool service life.

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    Quality Of Strip Produced By Extrusion Machining Directly From Cast 5052 Aluminum

    Authors: Andrew Kustas, Kevin Chaput, Srinivasan Chandrasekar, Kevin Trumble

    In this study, the feasibility of substituting wrought 5052 aluminum with cast ingot as the precursor material to large strain extrusion machining (LSEM) was explored. LSEM is a singlestep deformation process used to create continuous rod, sheet and strip from a wide variety of metals and alloys.

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    Fabrication Of Micro-Scale Porous Surfaces For Mg-Based Implants

    Authors: AydinTahmasebifar, Said Murat Kayhan, Zafer Evis, Yusuf Usta , Muammer Ko

    In this study, Mg-based biomedical implant plates with controlled porosity and micro-textured surface were designed and manufactured. AZ91 Mg powders of different size distribution were compacted under compaction pressures of 150 and 200 MPa and compaction temperatures of 100 and 150 C. Compacted green plates were then sintered at 380 and 420 0C for 40, 60, 120 and 150 minutes.

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    Study On The Reactivity Of Lime Calcined Rapidly At Super High Temperature

    Authors: Jianli Li , Rong Gao, Wanting Cheng, Wutao Jin, Zhengliang Xue, Xiao Xie

    It is low-carbon and energy-saving metallurgy that limestone partly or completely replaces the active lime in BOF steelmaking. The limestone is proposed to be calcined directly in converter.

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    Numerical Analysis Of Multi-Directional Precision Forging Of Steel Connecting Rods

    Authors: R. S. Septimio, S. T. Button

    Conventional hot forging o f complex geometry components is carried out in several steps and demands additional machining to correct errors introduced by forging. This research aims the development o f the multi-directional forging to manufacture metallic parts with geometric features which are normally not possible in conventional forging, without excessive loading and less raw material.

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    Microstructure And Deformation Behavior Of As-Extruded Mg-Li Based Alloy

    Authors: Jung-Han Kim, Yong-Ho Kim, Hyo-Sang Yoo, Jeong-Won Choi, Hyeon-Taek Son

    Additions of Li to Mg alloys can transform the hcp to bcc, substantially increasing the ductility of the Mg-Li alloys and further reducing its density. Mg-Li alloys exhibit two phase structures between 5 and 10 wt% Lithium content consisting of a(hcp) Mg-rich and p(bcc) Li-rich phases. Mg- Li binary alloys containing greater than approximately 11 wt% Li form a single phase bcc microstructure (p phase).

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