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Pure Metals Properties: A Scientific and Technical Handbook

Hardcover   |   Product code: 06815G   |   ISBN: 0-87170-637-7

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This handbook provides detailed data on the properties of pure metals for general scientific and technical users who are involved in the selection, application, testing and characterization of metals. The more than 250 quick-reference tables and figures contained in the book are accompanied by explanations of important details and test factors that affect the properties and contain hard-to-find data that are missing from other handbooks.

Property Tables Covering: Electronic Structure, Crystal Structure, Atomic Weight, Density, Atomic Volume, Specific Heat, Melting Point, Heat of Fusion, Electrical Resistivity, Thermal Conductivity, and a nearly full set of calculated Specific Heat Capacities (in Kcal/cm and Kgm/cm3) and of measured and calculated Elastic Moduli at room temperature, with values missing in other handbooks - Effect of Impurity Concentrations and Temperature on Mechanical Properties - The Regularity in Change of Some Properties from Metal to Metal for some group of Metals - The Periodic Changes in Some Properties with Atomic Number - Relations Between Some Strength Parameters - New Evidence on the dependence of Elastic Moduli on the Specific Heat Capacity - Hardness, Fatigue and Creep Properties - Property Tables Covering Individual Metals - List of Tables and Figures - Subject Index Published: 1999 Pages: 307 Format: Hardbound

  • Published: October 01, 1999
  • ISBN: 0-87170-637-7