ASM Fellows 2014

ASM Fellows 2014

In 1969, ASM established the Fellow of the Society honor to provide recognition to members for their distinguished contributions to materials science and engineering and to develop a broadly based forum of technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the society.  Following are the members recognized by their colleagues for 2014.  Additional Fellows may be elected to this distinguished body in subsequent years.  The solicited guidance, which the Fellows will provide, will enhance the capability of ASM as a technical community of materials science and engineering in the years ahead.  Awards will be presented at ASM's annual Awards Dinner, Tuesday, October 14th, in Pittsburgh, PA during Materials Science & Technology 2014 (MS&T'14).


Mr. John F. ClaytonMr. John F. Clayton, FASM
FAMEX Engineering, Ontario Canada

"For technical excellence in the field of forensics and failure analysis, demonstrating a long and distinguished set of achievements in solving materials problems in a wide range of industries, while mentoring others and disseminating the fundamentals of materials failure analysis through publications and presentations."

Prof. Zhigang Zak Fang, FASMProf. Zhigang Zak Fang, FASM
University of Utah, Salt Lake

"For sustained and high impact contributions to the hard metals industry through development of novel cemented carbide and polycrystalline diamond structures, processing and development of low cost titanium and of metal hydrides for energy applications."

Dr. James C. Foley, FASMDr. James C. Foley, FASM
R&D Manager
Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

"For significant contributions to the research and development in the field of nonferrous materials, including: beryllium alloys, uranium alloys, amorphous alloys and lead-free solders."

Dr. David R. Forrest, FASMDr. David R. Forrest, FASM
Technology Manager
Department of Energy, Washington DC

"For outstanding technical leadership in emerging materials technologies such as nanomaterials and molecular manufacturing, with demonstrated technical expertise in material processing, computational modeling, and non-destructive testing."

Dr. Michael T. Hahn, FASMDr. Michael T. Hahn, FASM
Engineer 5
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Redondo Beach, CA

"For outstanding contributions to a wide variety of metallurgical advancements for improving the performance and cost effectiveness of various aircraft alloys, including aluminum, titanium, and steel alloys as well as composites, ceramics, and coatings in the commercial and non-commercial aircraft industries."

Mr. Don Hashiguchi, FASMMr. Don Hashiguchi, FASM
Manager, Process Engineering
Materion Corporation, Elmore, OH

"For the development of inert gas atomized beryllium and aluminum-beryllium alloys used in aerospace, space, and science applications."

Prof. Hani Henein, FASMProf. Hani Henein, FASM
University of Alberta, Edmonton

"For scientific and engineering achievements in developing the understanding between structure and processing for a wide  range of metallic alloys and processing methods targeting industrially relevant materials in the energy and aerospace fields while mentoring students and creating innovative teaching methodologies."

Dr. Alan F. Jankowski, FASMDr. Alan F. Jankowski, FASM
Texas Tech University, Lubbock

"For pioneering the use and application of deposition technology to synthesize engineered nanostructures such as nanolaminates and metallic glasses in order to investigate physical properties, phase transformations and energy conversion."

Dr. Mary C. Juhas, FASMDr. Mary C. Juhas, FASM
Associate Vice President 
The Ohio State University, Columbus

"For significant technical and scientific contributions to the physical metallurgy of the friction-stir welding in joining lightweight alloys, and for groundbreaking and sustained international leadership in promulgating engineering education."

Prof. Keijun Li, FASMProf. Leijun Li, FASM
University of Alberta, Edmonton

"For contributions to our understanding of the welding metallurgy of steels and superalloys and of the fundamental mechanisms that explain ultrasonic consolidation in metal-matric composites."

Dr. Ivan E. Locci, FASMDr. Ivan E. Locci, FASM
Principal Research Engineer
The University of Toledo and NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland OH

"For significant contributions to high temperature materials and process development for the gas turbine engine industry through the use of advanced electron microscopy techniques."

Mr. John J. Marcin, FASMMr. John J. Marcin, FASM
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, Marlborough, CT

"For important contributions to investment casting of turbine airfoils and for developing new superalloy casting techniques to enable production of turbine airfoil designs with significantly higher temperature capability."

Prof. Javad Mostaghimi, FASMProf. Javad Mostaghimi, FASM
University of Toronto, ON

"In recognition of pioneering developments related to thermal plasmas and thermal spray coatings."

Dr. Ashim Kumar Mukhopadhay, FASMDr. Ashim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, FASM
Scientist G
Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India

"For sustained and significant technical and scientific contributions in the areas of physical and mechanical metallurgy of aluminum alloys, and for the development and commercial production of these materials for structural application."

Dr. Mariappan P. Paranthaman, FASMDr. Mariappan P. Paranthaman, FASM
Distinguished Research Staff and Group Leader
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

"For the development of novel epitaxial buffer layers on textured templates, enabling high critical current density superconductor films, and developing mesoporous architectures destined for high performance energy storage applications."

Mr. Gregory J. Petrus, FASMMr. Gregory J. Petrus, FASM
Forged Right First LLC, Hinckley, OH

"For significant contributions to physical metallurgy through development of innovative solutions using simulation tools for enhancing metalworking and heat-treating, in order to exploit a wide array of materials structure-property-processing relationships."

Dr, Bruce A. Pint, FASMDr. Bruce A. Pint, FASM
Distinguished Research Staff 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

"For groundbreaking contributions to the fundamental knowledge of high temperature oxidation mechanisms in alloys and coatings, and for contributions to heat resistant alloy design and development through the incorporation of minor elements to control and improve high temperature stability and overall oxidation resistance."

Dr. Claudia J. Rawn, FASMDr. Claudia J. Rawn, FASM
Associate Professor
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"For significant technical contributions to the study of structure-property relationships of materials for energy related materials via in situ x-ray and neutron diffraction."

Dr. Sergei A. Shipilov, FASMDr. Sergei A. Shipilov, FASM
Senior Consultant
Metallurgical Consulting Services Ltd., Ontario, Canada

"For continuous and international contributions to material science, particularly in the advancement of fundamental knowledge of corrosion science and engineering, environment enhanced cracking and understanding the interactions between the environment, a material's microstructure, and the applied and residual stresses acting on a failing component.

Dr. Jaimie S. Tiley, FASMDr. Jaimie S. Tiley, FASM
Senior Materials Engineer
Airforce Research Lab, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

"For providing outstanding leadership and scientific support in the development and execution of complex materials-related research programs that have successfully created and transitioned new materials and technologies."

Dr. William E. Vanderlinde, FASMDr. William E. Vanderlinde, FASM
Senior Technical Expert
Laboratory for Physical Sciences, College Park, MD

"For outstanding technical leadership and management and significant contributions to the development of next-generation tools for microelectronic circuit failure analysis and fault isolation."

Prof. Haiyan Wang, FASMProf. Haiyan Wang, FASM
Program Director, Professor
National Science Foundation/ Texas A& M, Arlington, VA

"For innovative research at the frontier of nanostructured materials and applications including high temperature superconductors, thin film solid oxide fuel cells, in situ transmission electron microscopy, and multifunctional ceramic composites, and for exceptional potential in inspired education and future leadership."

Dr. Priti Wanjara, FASMDr. Priti Wanjara, FASM
Team Leader
National Research Council Canada, Montreal

"For distinguished scientific and engineering contributions in the development and application of materials processing technologies for manufacturing materials in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and power generation industries."

Mr. Michael J. Weimer, FASMMr. Michael J. Weimer, FASM
Chief Consulting Engineer-Materials
GE Aviation, Cincinnati, OH

"For outstanding and sustained achievements in materials science and engineering in the aerospace industry, with special recognition for the development and implementation of gamma-titanium aluminum alloys in gas turbine engines."

Dr. Andrej Wojcieszynski, FASMDr. Andrzej Wojcieszynski, FASM
Technical Director
ATI Powder Metals, Pittsburgh, PA

"For advances in powder metallurgy that resulted in the development of corrosion and wear resistant alloys for high performance applications."

Dr. Dongming Zhu, FASMDr. Dongming Zhu, FASM
Senior Materials Engineer
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

"For technical achievements in the design and characterization of novel and advanced materials for gas turbine engine components, specifically in the areas of thermal and environmental barrier coatings."