2016 Fellows

ASM's 2016 Class of Fellows

In 1969, ASM established the Fellow of the Society honor to provide recognition to members for their distinguished contributions to materials science and engineering and to develop a broadly based forum of technical and professional leaders to serve as advisors to the society. Following are the members recognized by their colleagues for 2016. Additional Fellows may be elected to this distinguished body in subsequent years. The solicited guidance, which the Fellows will provide, will enhance the capability of ASM as a technical community of materials science and engineering in the years ahead. Awards will be presented at ASM's annual Awards Dinner, Tuesday, October 25th, in Salt Lake City, UT during Materials Science & Technology 2016 (MS&T'16).

Dr. Beverly J.M. Aikin, FASM
R&D Engineer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

"For advancing microstructure, property, processing relationships in metals and intermetallics; enhancing the safe handling, security and recycling of beryllium; and for her commitment to K-12 student outreach in STEM."

Dr. Michael P. Brady, FASM
Distinguished R&D Staff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN

"For innovative development of novel alloy design principles for the control of surface chemistry in structural and functional materials with widespread scientific, engineering, and societal impact."

Dr. Ellen Cerreta, FASM
Group Leader
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

"For outstanding contributions in the fields of dynamic and shock behavior of materials, as well as structure/property effects on mechanical behavior and damage evolution in materials."

Dr. Kathryn Dannemann, FASM
Principal Engineer
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX

"For advancing the understanding of dynamic response of materials in metals, ceramics, and glasses; and for mentoring students in materials science and engineering, especially as an advocate of materials education and the materials profession."

Dr. Rollie Dutton, FASM

Chief, Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division
Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate

"For outstanding scientific and engineering achievements in the processing of metallic and composite materials, and for national leadership in the development of integrated computational materials science and engineering."

Mr. Joe Epperson, FASM
Senior Metallurgist
National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, DC

"For outstanding contributions and advancements in the field of failure analysis, including leadership and service to transportation safety with high professional and societal impact."

Dr. James Hall, FASM
Senior Principal Engineer, Retired
Honeywell Engines
Phoenix, AZ

"For outstanding contributions and leadership in the research, development, and commercial application of titanium and other heat resistant alloys; and as a generous and profoundly influential teacher and mentor of materials scientists and engineers."

Dr. Susan E. Hartfield-Wunsch, FASM
Technical Fellow
General Motors
Livonia, MI

"For advancing the state-of-the-art in aluminum sheet technology and implementation of same in the automotive industry."

Dr. Peggy E. Jones, FASM
Senior Project Engineer
General Motors
Saginaw, MI

"For the application of ICME and fracture mechanics based design to aluminum automotive castings, including creation of the 'Virtual Cast Component Design' system."

Dr. Lee Knauss, FASM
Chief, Technology Transition
Washington, DC

"For the development and advancement of magnetic current imaging fault isolation techniques used in microelectronics failure analysis."

Dr. Manish Mehta, FASM
President and CEO
M-Tech International LLC
Ann Arbor, MI

"For sustained contributions in materials and process technology transfer programs to accelerate global commercialization."

Prof. Matt O'Keefe, FASM
Professor & Chair
Missouri University of Science &Technology
Rolla, MO

"For distinguished contributions in materials science related to understanding corrosion mechanism, leading to the development and use of sustainable rare-earth based coatings for lightweight metallic alloys."

Dr. Philippe Perdu, FASM
Microelectronic Senior Expert
Toulouse, France

"For outstanding leadership and technical contributions towards the development of novel defect localization and failure analysis techniques applied to microelectronics and microsystems devices."

Dr. Thomas A. Siewert, FASM
Group Leader, Retired
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Wylie, TX

"For leadership in the development of consumable weld wire enabling austenitic stainless steel welding for cryogenic applications and his expertise in nondestructive evaluation." 

Dr. Dileep Singh, FASM
Group Leader
Argonne national Laboratories
Argonne, IL

"For pioneering contributions and global leadership in the science and technology of advanced ceramic materials and systems for energy generation, efficiency, storage, and environmental applications."

Prof.  Raman Singh, FASM
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia

"For outstanding contributions in understanding and mitigating material degradation through novel/disruptive approaches, and for successfully establishing and leading interdisciplinary teams advancing science/technology."

Prof. Marcel A.J. Somers, FASM
Technical University of Denmark
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

"For sustained, innovative and outstanding contributions to the field of thermochemical surface engineering through fundamental and applied research, teaching, and transfer of technology to practice."

Dr. Donald Susan, FASM
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM

"For sustained contributions in the areas of physical metallurgy and joining research, materials characterization, and failure analysis."

Mr. David Vallett, FASM
PeakSource Analytical, LLC
Fairfax, VT

"For sustained outstanding technical contributions, leadership, dissemination of knowledge, and education in microelectronic IC fault isolation and failure analysis technology and magnetic imaging applications, and for articulating and publicizing major analytical technology hurdles and challenges throughout the industry."

Prof. Yunzhi Wang, FASM
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

"For pioneering foundational work on phase field modeling with seminal achievements in diffusive molecular dynamics, and for the application of these methods to challenging problems in structure-properties-processing of materials."

Dr. George G. Wicks, FASM
Applied Research Center, SC
Aiken, SC

"For international leadership in materials science and technology research that benefits safe nuclear waste containment and storage, energy, and medical innovations."

Prof.  Wendelin Wright, FASM
Associate Professor
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

"For developing and conducting high temporal resolution studies of deformation mechanisms in bulk metallic glasses and for contributions to our understanding of the fundamental nature of shear banding processes in these materials."