Asm committees

Affiliate Committees

Should you be interested in a particular technical field, ASM offers affiliate society membership to provide you with deeper, more focused information-sharing resources. You'll be connected to the highly specialized events, publications, and expertise you need.  

Within the boards and committees of these ASM Affiliate Societies, member needs are shaped into initiatives that lead to new products, services, and events. Interact with the leading experts in your technical interest area for learning and networking that you won't find anywhere else.

TSS Training Subcommittee

The purpose of the Training Subcommittee is to develop, deliver and support training programs that will best serve the needs of the thermal spray industry and its personnel. And also to develop educational materials for training and to administer operator and technologist programs.

Members: 6 members

TSS Thermal Spray Exposition Subcommittee

Staff Liaison: Christina Sandoval


The Thermal Spray Exposition Subcommittee serves as a key interface between the exhibitor community, organizing committee and the ASM-TSS staff. The subcommittee is charged with advising staff of ways to keep the trade show/events vibrant, active and beneficial to TSS and its members. Members of the subcommittee serve as ambassadors to the exhibitor community including exhibitor prospects. They carry the message of the value of ASM/TSS events to the business community and work with staff to ensure exhibitor satisfaction.

Members: 7 members

TSS Thermal Spray Advisory Council

The purpose of the Thermal Spray Advisory Council is to advise the TSS Board of marketing and industry needs and trends; to provide strategic direction for TSS policies, products and services including training; and to assist with the recruitment and retention of young professionals.

Members: 0 members

TSS Safety Committee

The purpose of the Safety Committee is to make thermal spray environmental, health and safety (EH&S) information available to the thermal spray community, to collaborate with other professional organizations in the development and deployment of thermal spray EH&S information, and to establish guidelines for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of thermal spray equipment. This includes the collection of information, the unbiased evaluation of this information, the generation of useful accepted practices, achieving consensus within the committee, approval of the ASM TSS Board, and publication of the final practices.

Members: 0 members

TSS Program Committee

Staff Liaison: Jeanelle Harden


The TSS Program Committee shall provide the leading forum for the exchange of global information in the thermal spray community via technical programs, proceedings, and expositions at TSS sponsored events and activities and to provide incentives for excellence in the research, development, and commercial fields of thermal spray through appropriate awards and other means of recognition.

Members: 18 members

TSS Membership, Marketing & Outreach Subcommittee

Based on the TSS vision, the MM&O Subcommittee shall develop an overall marketing and pricing strategy resulting in a product and service concept and public relations programs to enhance the image of the thermal spray industry. It shall also grow the Society membership, increase member satisfaction, and implement programs in cooperation with other committees to achieve an overall positive financial contribution.

Members: 7 members

TSS Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Committee

Staff Liaison: Mary Anne Fleming


The Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Committee shall identify major trends and developments in thermal spray technology and aid the JTST editor in manuscript acquisition in order to present timely and significant reviewed information to subscribers. The committee shall also maintain continual surveillance of the publication for technical quality, timeliness, and fulfillment of stated scope, and shall recommend changes to better meet subscriber needs.

Members: 27 members

TSS Industry Advisory Council

The purpose of the TSS Industry Advisory Council is to: advise the TSS Board about marketing and industry needs and trends; provide strategic direction for TSS policies, products and services; represent a "sounding board" for important TSS decisions; support TSS in the identification and development of leadership; and promote cooperation between TSS and their respective organizations.

Members: 0 members

TSS Board, Committee and Subcommittee Chairs

Staff Liaison: Mary Anne Jerson


Members: 22 members