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Alloy Phase Diagram Committee

Society committee

Committee size: 34
Staff Liaison: Mary Anne Fleming


The Alloy Phase Diagram Committee oversees and guides ASM's involvement in alloy phase diagram data activities. It is responsible for monitoring the scopes of ASM and International Programs and ASM's input into those scopes, for monitoring the technical standards of ASM's products from these programs, for liaison with other alloy phase diagram committees, such as the International Commission on Alloy Phase Diagram Data. The Committee establishes policy related to the editorial content and scope of the Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, recommends approaches to serve and expand the subscriber and author base, and maintains continual surveillance of the technical quality of the publication. The Alloy Phase Diagram Committee shall support the ASM Strategic Plan and be accountable and responsible for those strategic actions which fall within the purview of the committee. It shall also be the responsibility of the committee to contribute new program and service ideas that support the Strategic Plan.